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General / Re: I give up
« Last post by randya on August 13, 2018, 03:44:38 pm »
  yes, I believe that was your post.  Good thread there.  I especially liked the stuff about the servers phoning home.  I will be not only dumbing down my vera as far as the devices it handles but also securing it and stopping it from doing god knows what.

...and it is not that I am sensitive, I was just more curious on what on earth I said that caused a downvote.  Seems silly to me to "smite" and not have the reason... but I guess I am just full of opinions lately... :)
General / Re: I give up
« Last post by rafale77 on August 13, 2018, 03:02:08 pm »
hmmm, I noticed I was smited a point for some reason.  I don't think I said anything that should offend someone.  But since I don't know why they smited, I don't know what they had an issue with.  And I guess that's why I don't post often in forums and remain a "newbie" despite 10 years experience; everyone has an opinion or a "better way".   LOL... Facebook for Vera... HA HA... who cares, right??

Don't be so sensitive...  :P I got most of my smites from a smitefest thread a while ago. It really doesn't mean much.  :-X ;D

I saw another post with a list of pros and cons and had a con for HA being python because of having to learn python. (The person's list of pros/cons was fair and had more pros BTW).  I wanted to comment on that and say I think python is a pro.  It is a tried and try language and is becoming more popular.  We are using it in development at work and it is replacing some old C++ code (believe it or not).  (also look at Cython).  So, IMO learning python is a plus and universally useful in today's job market. 

I really hope the VERA team focuses on hardware, protocol implementation, stability, and maybe take a different approach on the UI and have a very very simple one for device management and adopt another UI for the user.  Maybe a win if they lighten their load and focus on the device area and do that really well.  And I know there are also many people happy with Vera.  And I know the forums are a wealth of knowledge but one thing the Vera team could really do to close the gap in shortcomings is to have better documentation (have examples, please).  My time invested in playing with home automation should be doing things, not searching for answers.  It takes too long to read the forums to get an idea of the right way forward.

I guess that was me. Yeah python can be a pro. I am just not much of a software guy and don't work in IT. It is a con for me because I have something more to learn. I actually even contributed some code to Hass to fix a few bugs on the camera component.
Sadly I am even seeing the activity on this forum decreasing so I think a number of users are fleeing to other platforms. I know that if I move and have to start form scratch, I would definitely not choose vera for anything. As I discuss in my other post you are referring to, each has its pros and cons and none is perfect but I think in terms of capability, flexibility and stability the best compromise would for me be Home assistant with an aeon z-stick and a HUSBZB. The aeon z-stick as a secondary mobile controller to include devices and firmware OTA upgrader and the HUSBZB for dual zigbee/zwave fixed controller.
Lighting & Load Control / Re: monoprice Zwave RGB Smart bulb
« Last post by paulcusick3 on August 13, 2018, 03:01:25 pm »
I have two - agree that changing color is harder than I would like; and programming a scene requires hex number.  Also they get recognized as dimmer light on Alexa; not RGB.  The ones I got were manufactured by Hank in China.
Using this code:

luup.call_action("urn:upnp-rfxcom-com:serviceId:rfxtrx1", "SendMessage", {["Message"] = "082000003AEFE90279"}, 120)
luup.call_action("urn:upnp-rfxcom-com:serviceId:rfxtrx1", "SendMessage", {["Message"] = "082000003AEFE90079"}, 120)

Successfully added a new sensor to the old alarm... So it was the sequencing that screwed it up...
After that (in normal alarm mode) it gave the "door open" ping...


Thanks a bunch for putting me on the right track!
Program Logic Plugins / Trouble creating logic action
« Last post by aecchalet on August 13, 2018, 02:02:06 pm »
I have created several successful logic actions in the past but today am unable to do so.  When I click the Logic Action button, I am given a list of my current logic actions and a pull down button labeled "Select New Action". When I click that button, I am given the choice to select "Select New Action" or the last condition that I created a logic action for.  When I click the blue "Select New Action", nothing happens.  I expect it to show me a list of conditions for which I could create a logic action but it doesn't do so?
I am using PLEG version 8.11, UI7
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: Plugin: AutoVirtualThermostat (AVT)
« Last post by rigpapa on August 13, 2018, 01:46:26 pm »
I've gotten a couple of emails from people reporting small UI issues with AVT on newer versions of firmware, specifically 7.0.26 and .27.

1) The temperature setpoint UI buttons are oversized. This issue cropped up between 7.0.23 and 7.0.26 at some point, and is the result of a CSS change Vera made to the UI. It is out of my hands, and as far as I can tell, there is nothing I can do in static JSON to work around it. It manifests both in on the dashboard cards and control panel views. If you hover over the oversized icon, the hover icon that replaces it is correctly sized. I have reported this to Vera, and unless they tell me otherwise, it's their issue and I'm not going to try to do anything about it in AVT. We'll just have to live with it until they fix it (I also reported it for 7.0.26 and they didn't fix it for 7.0.27 or give me any other advice about it, so who knows if/when they'll get around to it).

2) The control panel isn't showing all the buttons. Firmware 7.0.27 UI changes the way a particular variable is handled that changes behavior on the UI, specifically what is displayed on the control panel. This results in AVT on 7.0.27 not displaying all of its fields on its control panel. To fix this issue, request the following URL in your browser, applying your Vera's local IP address and AVT device number where indicated. You need to do this for each AVT device you have. Please do a hard-refresh of your browser after. A Luup reload should not be necessary.

General / Re: VeraPlus - turn off zigbee and bluetooth
« Last post by Nameless on August 13, 2018, 01:38:04 pm »
I'd like this too. No need for the Zigbee radio on when I control all my Zigbee devices with a competitor's hub, since my Vera can't.

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Scene Scripting / Re: Best way to get a luup engine corruption?
« Last post by therealdb on August 13, 2018, 01:21:34 pm »
Part of the reasons I got a mini PC is to have more power and a better disk.
Now on building everything and move things to openluup and AltUi.
General / Re: I give up
« Last post by Sammy2 on August 13, 2018, 12:51:20 pm »
Scene Scripting / Re: Best way to get a luup engine corruption?
« Last post by rafale77 on August 13, 2018, 12:12:11 pm »
I thought it was funny that I too moved all my experimental home assistant (device bridge one) and zway to a beelink S2 mini pc just last week. I didn't want to deal with the quirks of the raspberry pi anymore. The fanless PC is quite nifty!

From my tests, I can see that zway sometimes has some lag but neither home assistant nor zway have the frequency of missed communication and delay from the zwave stack the vera has. It is actually almost digital. The newest SDK implemented since 7.0.26 was supposed to help but I am not seeing it.
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