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Title: Adding Logical AND on your touchscreen
Post by: TimAlls on June 09, 2012, 02:48:25 pm
Hi All,
I threw a new plugin together....rough but a good example of how easy it would be to have a plugin that expand the logic of the Vera to include....Timers.....if it happens for more than x minutes then.....Logical And....if Timer has triggered "and" the temperature is above 68 degrees then turn on Virtual Switch. The Virtual Switch then can be used to trigger a scene of your choice.
On the Touchscreen Software the pluging shows up as Switches.....use the first switch to enable the sequence, the rest is pretty obvious.
Let me know if this helps.....I could refine it if there is a demand for it.
Tim Alls
AllSeas Yachts
Go here for the plug in:,9770.msg65609.html#msg65609 (,9770.msg65609.html#msg65609)
Title: Re: Adding Logical AND on your touchscreen
Post by: TimAlls on June 09, 2012, 03:13:27 pm
How to use the plugin....these are the devices created by the plugin:

B_On For
Logical_And (the parent device)

A_Trigger: setup a scene that turn this on and off. EG if temperature sensor is above 72 degrees turn on device "A_Trigger"
This is the start of the sequence....the timer begins counting and C_Between checks to see if it between the two times programmed on the configuration of the Parent Device "Logical_And".

To change the timer settings or the Between Time settings go to the advanced tab of the Parent Logical_And. Modify One at a time and pressing save each time a value is modified. If a timer isn't desired for the sequence just set it to 0.

B_On For: this virtual switch will come on if the A_Trigger has been on long enough to match the timer value you set up in the Parent Device

C_Between: this virtual switch will come on if the current time is between the two times set in the Parent Device.

D_AllTrue: If A, B, and C are true this light will come on.....use it to trigger a scene that does what ever you want.

On the touchscreen or the UI this gives a very visual indicator as to whats happening.....watching the lights go on and off make it easy to see where you are at. :)
Like I said....rough but you can configure this to do complex things with no code to write!
Give a try.
Tim Alls
AllSeas Yachts