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Title: Vera interface for Somfy shutters and garage door
Post by: Cricri on October 17, 2018, 07:07:56 am

I've got Somfy shutters, and also use the VERA interface for my garage door (GDK 700) and home gate (SGA 4100) that just need 1 button (which provide open/stop/close/stop/open/stop/open...), and the only button that make it is the STOP button (all others don't have any function).

How to modify the interface to get only 1 button (the STOP one) for these motorizations ?

Also, is it possible to modify the actual interface for shuters, in order to keep only 3 buttons (UP, STOP and DOWN) ?

Is there a turnkey solution or do I have to modify manually some files ?

Thank you