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Title: Anyone using SQ Designer?
Post by: guest13871 on July 11, 2012, 05:54:19 pm
Hi All,

So after reading all the great things about SQ Remote on this board since I bought my Vera 2 almost a year ago I finally figured out that you don't need an SQ Blaster to use SQ Remote with Vera.  Duh.  Ok, that's out of the way.  So I plunked down my money and got SQ Remote today only to discover it's a blank canvas that requires a lot of work to get anything useful on it.  It seemed to me that the SQ Designer software, running on a PC with a big monitor, would make much more sense.  I downloaded the demo version but it's not as easy to use as one would think.  So, my question: is anyone using SQ Designer and if so can you tell me if it's worth it?  Or should I just stick with the iPad/iPhone and design my system there?

Title: Re: Anyone using SQ Designer?
Post by: PurdueGuy on July 12, 2012, 01:49:22 pm
It has been a while since I downloaded the free trial, so many things have changed.
I didn't like it, and didn't find it easy to use.

I designed things on the iPhone and iPad instead.  Things don't line up 100%, but it's enough that my pseudo-OCD can live with.
Title: Re: Anyone using SQ Designer?
Post by: umtauscher on July 27, 2012, 08:59:58 am
Hi Don,

you can do basically everything on the device itsself but if you want to align the controls properly or if you have to design a lot of pages I would recommend the designer.
It has a quite strange user interface, but when you get used to it you can design much quicker than on the device itsself.