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Title: Aeotec Aeon Keyfob gen5
Post by: SirVer on November 25, 2018, 07:12:34 pm
I just had a small battle with 2 new Gen5 Aeotec Aeon keyfobs.

Firstly, when I put the batteries in, they were not making good contact with the copper clad pads on the circuit board.  The lights would blink for a very short time and the unit would reset itself.  I realized that this was happening, so I removed the cover and gently put the battery where it belonged on the circuit board and spun it around to kind of dress the face of the battery and the pad on the remote.  This light scuffing worked and after installing the battery and cover again, no issues with power.

Next, both the keyfobs paired correctly with my Vera Secure when following the directions supplied.  The hardest part here was finding the keyfob in the new device list.  It's not listed as an"Aeotec Keyfob" but an "Aeon Keyfob".  If you search for "keyfob gen5" it will show up.
I had to put it right next to my Vera for it to pair correctly.

This is where it stopped going so well.  They showed up in my device list and I could configure them correctly, but they were not able to activate any scene.  The problem is that they are by default in "Setup" mode and not "Use" mode.  If you click the upper right button and it flashes red, then you're still in Setup mode.

The online manual said that to switch between setup and use mode, I had to put in the double pin key and push both learn and mode buttons on the back of the FOB for 3 seconds and this is not the case.

For both of my keyfobs I only had to push the mode button on the back once and they now work.

I hope this helps someone avoid the 2 hours of confusion I had to go through.

Title: Re: Aeotec Aeon Keyfob gen5
Post by: SirVer on November 27, 2018, 06:02:19 pm
This is interesting information now.

Aeotec Support and I have been talking about this.
Turns out, my keyfobs are not Gen5.
I have DSA22 model ones which are the original (Older) version.

This is strange because when I paired them to Vera, I chose the non-Gen5 keyfob (see screenshot) and Vera told me that it expected the one I chose but classified it as a Gen5.
Perhaps something is wrong in the device definition for these older keyfobs.

None-the-less, there is a different user manual for my keyfob.  I always download PDF manuals and archive them.. turns out I should've went right to the paper one first.

The paper manual says that to put the keyfob into scene mode, I need to configure it from the gateway.  However, this wasn't the case.  I still stand by that all I had to do was push the mode button alone and both of them work great after that.