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Title: Window cover UI question
Post by: tinman on January 14, 2019, 09:44:53 am
For testing purposes I've created a number of window cover devices using the RFXtrx New Device Tab. The UI for these devices includes a slider. I don't have any actual window cover devices so I'm curious about how this slider is used. I don't see any window cover devices that have commands related to what a slider control would provide. Can anyone out there share their experience with controlling window cover devices using an RFXtrx transceiver with a Vera Hub?
Title: Re: Window cover UI question
Post by: Gabriel on March 05, 2019, 06:04:46 am
Well, as you know, with Z-Wave devices this slider is indicating how much the window cover is opened (I'm assuming that you've already seen it working with a Z-Wave device, right?).

As most (all?) 433MHz don't have return channel, this slider is less usefull for 433MHz devices.

Right now, with my Somfy shutters, here is what is happening:

The slider could still be used by an opiniated user, by adjusting it through LUA code after having moved the blind to an intermediate position. I am myself positioning Somfy shutters through LUA:,33259.msg243825.html#msg243825

I've been contemplating updating my lua functions to also update the UI slider, but haven't dedicated time to it yet.

Somfy blind also have a specific thing for which the slider could be usefull: They have an intermediate position (programmable by the user) which can be triggered by the "stop"/"my" button on Somfy remotes. The "stop" button in the UI triggers also triggers it. Once again, slider could be ajusted through LUA to reflect this.