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Title: Virtual Outdoor Temperature Plugin Now Shows As An Open Lock?
Post by: agoodman82 on February 20, 2019, 09:26:05 pm
I really like the "open locks" button on VeraMate as it shows the state of my two Z-Wave Yale Real Living Locks as unlocked when either or both are open, but the button only appears when they are in that state, but is hidden when they are locked.

Just a few days ago without reason, my Virtual Outdoor Temperature Plugin started showing up as... you guess it, and unlocked lock. So now looking at my VeraMate dashboard I constantly see the open locks button because the app thinks the plugin is an unlocked lock. I know I'm probably barking up the wrong tree because VeraMate has seemed to have basically stoped fixing bugs like this, but this is clearly a bug. Weird thing is I had the plugin for over a week before VeraMate decided to show it as a lock rather than a weather plugin.

Anyone have any ideas? VeraMate; any chance on fixing this?? I am forced to use this plugin for to display outdoor temperature on my thermostat because Wunderground ended residential consumer use of its API.