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Title: FindVera Remote Access and Email Notification is now free
Post by: micasaverde on July 24, 2009, 12:08:16 pm
We found nobody likes to pay a monthly fee.  We all have enough bills to pay each month without having to add yet another one.  So, we changed the FindVera service.  Effective immediately, the "Basic" FindVera service is free, which includes secure remote access, plus notifications by email.

The "Enhanced" FindVera service, which includes all the other services, and 50 SMS text message notifications is now only $29/year.  Extra text messages and video archive capacity is also available.

Existing subscribers will be entitled to a refund if they wish to switch to one of the new plans.  Users who received a free lifetime subscription as part of a promotion will continue to receive unlimited text messaging and use of all the FindVera services for life.

Details of the new pricing are available here: (