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Title: The ultimate IO module for VERA - CommandFusion?
Post by: AgileHumor on February 03, 2014, 01:23:21 pm
Just saw this, pretty interesting!

CommandFusion to Intro $450 Home Automation Controller at ISE 2014

he new Solo packs the most popular I/Os into one box for integrating a decent array of subsystems. Besides an Ethernet port for network connectivity and IP-based control, the product includes:

2 x RS232 ports
6 x IR or 1-way RS232 ports
4 x Dry contact inputs
On board IR Blaster (8 LEDs, including four on front, two on each side)
On board IR Learner
1 x communication expansion slot (Wi-Fi and future expansion)
1 x control port expansion slot
Onboard real time clock with battery backup
USB connection for PC communication and control (also used to power the device)
Upon launch, a number of control expansion cards will be available for adding RS-232 ports, IR ports, relays or other control points.