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Title: TemperatureFix plugin
Post by: hriisikamp on February 07, 2014, 07:53:11 am
Installed this and tried to understand how it works - to be able to change it a bit.

It replaces the D_TemperatureSensor1.json and S_TemperatureSensor1.xml files with its own versions - apparently the ones in /etc/cmh-ludl directory override the ones in /etc/cmh-lu directory.

But each time LUUP restarts and everything is initialized again - those files are being:
- downloaded again (with different name where Sensor1 has been replaced by Sensor11)
- renamed from *Sensor11* to *Sensor1*

Could somebody please explain why is it necessary to download them each time again - and how those files just disappear when LUUP restarts. At least I suppose they disappear because otherwise the rename command would fail...
Title: Re: TemperatureFix plugin
Post by: marco.bag on March 08, 2014, 06:13:30 pm
Did someone was able to install properly this plugin? I've the same issues above.