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Title: Vera Alerts on a "NOW TV" box?
Post by: cw-kid on June 14, 2014, 11:53:59 am

I just bought a new TV set for my daughters bedroom, the shop gave me a "NOW TV (" box for free. I won't use it as I have full blown HTPCs in every room. However I was wondering if I might be able to install the Vera Alerts app on it some how and use it just for that purpose, to make voice announcements in the house.

I don't know much about this little Now TV box or what OS it is? Seems you can side load Plex ( on to it though. Not sure about XBMC which is what I use.

I still haven't found an inexpensive device to run Vera Alerts on, I tried an old Android phone but the WIFI was not good enough for it to work well.