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Title: PLM 2413U on Vera-lite - in Australia
Post by: thread314 on December 30, 2014, 12:39:16 am

So, I think I may have made a huge mistake.

Bought some Insteon dimmer modules (2632-522) a while back to control some things from my Vera-Lite: upon receiving them learnt that I need a PLM 2413U. So I order one, and upon receiving that, I learn that it doesn't run on Australian electricity, so had to get a Isolating Transformer to step down the voltage from 240V to 120V.

Since then I've been trying everything, reading a million posts to try to get it to work, without any success. I think, though, I just realised what might be the problem: I've read that Insteon sends commands through the home power system, and so (presumably) when the transformer is changing the voltage, any commands would be lost.

Am I correct? Do i have any chance of getting these Insteon Dimmers to work through my Vera-lite and on Australia voltage?

Thanks in advance.

- ed