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Title: New UI2 and UI3 releases available
Post by: micasaverde on February 12, 2010, 08:13:08 pm
We have released an update to the new, Adobe flash-based user interface, called UI3, which is currently shipping with new Vera's.  Users with new Vera's, or users who already have upgraded to UI3, will be prompted to upgrade automatically.

We have also released an update to the previous user interface, called UI2, which shipped in 2009 and is in versions 1.0.616 and 1.0.979.  This new UI2 release is compatible with the newest Vera hardware.  So customers who received a Vera with the new flash-based user interface can manually change to this UI2 version if they prefer to use the older user interface, which is in the screen shots on  This version is also compatible with the SquareConnect iPhone app.  The engine, or brains, which does all the work in Vera, is exactly the same in both UI2 and UI3.  There is no difference in terms of stability or performance.  The only difference is the web user interface you see in your internet browser to setup and control Vera.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have UI3 and change to the UI2 firmware, you will lose your rooms, scenes and device names and you will need to unpair and re-add any ZWave door locks you already have. Therefore, if you choose to switch to UI2 with a new Vera, you should do it before you setup your Vera.  Upgrading from UI2 to UI3 is automatic and your settings can be preserved, but downgrading from UI3 to UI2 requires a factory reset.  Therefore, if you are currently using UI2 and want to try out UI3, you should make a backup first by choosing Setup, Advanced, Backup.  Then, if you want to go back to UI2, you can change to the UI2 firmware again with factory default settings, then restore your UI2 backup, and you will be back exactly where you started.

To manually change your firmware, choose Setup, Advanced, Download in UI2, or click the Advanced icon in the toolbar in UI3 and the firmware tab.  Then copy one of the URL's below into the 'download' or 'URL' box, and click 'Download'.  After a minute or so, depending on your internet speed, you will be asked if you want to do a factory restore or preserve your settings.  Remember, if you had UI3 and are going to UI2, you *must* choose the factory default option.  The upgrade will then take about 5 minutes.

UI2 url:
UI3 url:
Title: Re: New UI2 and UI3 releases available
Post by: cj on February 19, 2010, 02:59:17 am
We've identify the issue that caused some units to reboot frequently with firmware version 1.0.985 and we fix it in 1.0.988 release.
Please use this ( download link for UI2 firmware.
Title: Re: New UI2 and UI3 releases available
Post by: micasaverde on February 21, 2010, 12:59:22 am
I'm really sorry about the problems with 985/987.  979 remains our last official stable UI2 release, but we needed to rush through an unscheduled UI2 build (985) for the Square Connect iPhone app beta testers who didn't want to use UI3.  It was unexpected because we were expecting all of them to use the official UI3 release.  Anyway, we discovered this morning a small issue in the .987 build preventing the UI from updating, which was caused by a small API change that was written for Square Connect for UI3 which hadn't been tested with the UI2.  I will ask our testers to test this 988 build on Monday, but, in the meantime, it's been reported that it solves the issue: (