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Title: iAquaLink Calibrate Temp
Post by: Kmitchel on December 22, 2015, 01:13:20 pm
I have the iAquaLink pool controller which thinks my pool is currently 84 degrees.  When I checked the thermometer in the pool, it shows that it is actually 76 degrees.  I found the "Temp Calibrate" button in the app, which states it will let you move the temperature up or down 4 degrees.  However, it won't let me adjust the temperature at all.  Anyone else finding this issue as well?
Title: Re: iAquaLink Calibrate Temp
Post by: Kmitchel on December 22, 2015, 01:39:52 pm
I called their "customer service" line and at first he told me I shouldn't calibrate it and their sensor was correct.  I then told him that I had a manual thermometer and I would understand if it was off by a couple of degrees, but this was off by eight!  The app suddenly changed to 80 degrees, but still would not let me bump it down to the "actual" reading of 76.  It would let me calibrate it "up", but not "down".  The customer service rep then told me that I "could" move the temperature only "up" and not "down".  I pointed out that the documentation states that you can calibrate it +/- 4 degrees.  He ACTUALLY said "yes, you can move it from 80, up to 84 and then back DOWN to 80".  I again pointed out that actually meant he could only calibrate a temperature UP.

Title: Re: iAquaLink Calibrate Temp
Post by: gmcmurry on January 03, 2016, 11:04:54 am
The temperature probe is a simple varister.  You can put a resistor in series with your probe and change the reading lower many degrees.  Not sure of a way to fool the controller into showing a higher reading.  You would have to look at the components actually on the board. 

I wanted my SPA to be able to get a few degrees hotter than allowed on the controller so I put a resistor in series.  I forget what it was, but some simple experimentation will get you there.  I bought a small kit of 1/2 watt resistors, lifted one of the wires to the temperature sensor and spliced the resistor in.

If you want your water to be hotter, remember that your heater also has a limit.  It turns out I needed to use the same resistor in the probe inside the Jandy heater. 

Now my water is actually 105 when the readout says 102

Works fine.