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Title: MySmartBlinds
Post by: Kmitchel on April 05, 2016, 09:46:54 am
Has anyone installed these successfully with cellular shades?  Does it raise/lower shades or only operate the tilt?

I was looking at automating my blinds a few rooms, but the HD and Somfy blinds would have to be replaced and the price tag was going to be several thousand dollars.   :o
Title: Re: MySmartBlinds
Post by: mrv777 on April 05, 2016, 09:54:02 am
I believe it only operates the tilt
Title: Re: MySmartBlinds
Post by: tamorgen on April 14, 2016, 11:45:01 am
I was looking at these as well, but it's only tilt from what I see.  It also uses it's own app through bluetooth.  I know the Vera Plus is bluetooth capable, but I don't know if it'll interface with the blinds (someone needs to write an interface, I guess).
Title: Re: MySmartBlinds
Post by: shallowearth on April 14, 2016, 12:04:26 pm
I have two of these, they are tilt only.
They are bluetooth only and do not work with Vera Plus.

That being said, I love them, used them to automate a very large/heavy Hunter Douglas wood blinds, they are quiet if you use the gradual tilt (a little noisy if just controlling them), they have a solar panel that keeps them charged up for me even in the shady Northwest.

Probably my favorite feature is that they still allow manual control (you pull on the wand instead of twist), which most of others that I found don't.  They also have a battery powered switch that you can stick to the wall and use as a local manual control that can manage groups of blinds, still waiting on mine to be delivered.

App is basic but works well, and groups blinds together which was great since I have a set of blinds for one windows since it is so large.

Title: Re: MySmartBlinds
Post by: XA44Owq26HxCq88 on April 21, 2016, 07:38:04 pm
I'm looking at sinking $$$ into the Hunter Douglas cellular shades with power view. I've got a VeraPlus hub. Anyone have any experience with this setup? I'd love to hear about issues and nice things before I pull the trigger.
Title: Re: MySmartBlinds
Post by: adamroff on April 21, 2016, 08:43:11 pm
With a quick look it does run on android, meaning if you have a tablet setup to control stuff you could possibly build a tasker profile with autoVera to integrate blinds open-close into a scene from your vera. can anyone tell me if this will integrate with my vertical blinds that have the ball chain for tilt?
Title: Re: MySmartBlinds
Post by: waltzer11 on April 27, 2016, 03:57:15 pm
I believe it only operates the tilt
i am glad i went through this thread one more time (i was ready to place my order). it's not good if it tilts only. of course i want to raise/lower the blinds too. HD power view is not my option due to its cost (just the hub alone is some $250 already). for Iblinds, it's a long wait until january 2017. i will keep looking.
Title: Re: MySmartBlinds
Post by: shallowearth on April 27, 2016, 05:18:50 pm
I am also on the kick starter for MOVE (iBlinds) for my roman shades, but beware, they can only lift 17 pounds max..... which is not enough to reliably lift my Hunter Douglas wood blinds.  (But mine are really large and heavily, smaller windows or thinner slats might be fine).  I might eventually try it, but I also worry about leaving the blinds essentially in a raised position without the locking mechanism engaged, instead it would just be the Moves own muscle holding the blinds up, when they are up which makes me nervous.  However they are perfect for my roman shades, regardless of what position the Romans are in, they are not relying on the MOVE to keep them in position, just to get them there.

If you want to test how much pull you need to raise and hold your blinds up, take a luggage scale attach it to your string and pull.   Note that the MOVE can also only raise and lower, not tilt unless you have a corded tilt mechanism (and then you would need two, one for tilt and one for raise and lower).  It isn't going to be able to control tilt on a wand styled control.

Title: Re: MySmartBlinds15
Post by: waltzer11 on April 28, 2016, 04:14:25 pm
Thank you for your input. I just ordered 2 MOVES (78 euros + 15 euros for shipping) I have 17 windows in my house and none have motorized blinds/shades. I will try these 2 MOVES for now. If I am not happy, I will search this thread/forum for other brands. If only MySmarthBlinds can raise/lower the shades, I will buy their product (just wondering why they don't have these features).