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Title: GE 12726 ZWave Switch
Post by: mchiasson on July 09, 2016, 03:23:14 pm
Has anybody had any interactions with or know anything about the GE ZWave Switch (#12726)?  I came across it on the Home Depot website.  It is priced at $169. (

I currently have an old rotary timer for my pool pump that I am looking to replace.  This looks like a nice option if it actually works.

Title: Re: GE 12726 ZWave Switch
Post by: wbardin on July 10, 2016, 08:46:01 am
I installed an Aeon Labs ZW078-A,White,V3.26,US,AL001 Zw078-A Z-Wave Heavy Duty Smart Energy Appliance Switch ( for my pool pump. It works fine, and it was only $96. Installation is a little quirky (but so is everything with Vera systems it seems). I have it set up to run for a couple hours, twice a day (cheaper rates outside peak ours here) and I have it set up on a Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Minimote Remote Control, Black (DSA03202B-ZWUS) for times I want to turn it on manually and because there is no way to turn it on with the ZWO78-A controller. If you are looking for something to put outside, you are probably better off with the GE unit. Hope this helps.
Title: Re: GE 12726 ZWave Switch
Post by: mchiasson on July 11, 2016, 01:48:05 pm
Is this capable of powering more than one device?  Reason I ask is that I have a salt cell system that is wired with my pool pump.  Both turn on/off at the same time via the same timer.
Title: Re: GE 12726 ZWave Switch
Post by: pjtvnet5 on March 12, 2017, 12:20:37 pm
I installed one of these to control a water heater at a lake house.  I wanted to make sure renters remembered to turn the water heater off and be able to do so if they did not.

Seemed to work well for the first two months, now it keeps dropping connection with my Vera.  Turning it off, then back on corrects the issue without having to re-include.  I cannot tell of power surges are causing the device to drop connection with the Vera.  Now I am in a situation where I cannot tell what the status is at all times.  Just the problem I was trying to avoid by buying this.

I am currently contacting Jasco about this.  Will report back.
Title: Re: GE 12726 ZWave Switch
Post by: pjtvnet5 on March 13, 2017, 08:51:06 am
Contacted Vera Support and they reviewed the device configuration.  They report that it is set up and really no reason that the Vera should not communicate with the switch.  I have the GE switch mounted about 4 feet away from the controller so I know distance is not a problem.

Called Jasco/GE technical support, and they were not very helpful.  They do not replace the item, they just refund your money!

Now I am stuck flipping the breaker again. 

Title: Re: GE 12726 ZWave Switch
Post by: andrewgarfield on March 13, 2017, 09:22:41 am
I had one of the old Intermatic CA3750 for my pool pump that gave me nothing but problems.  It's was on the other side of the house.  And while there were ample intermediate nodes this thing would work intermittently whereas other switches sitting next to it, and even battery powered devices in close (some even further than the Vera) worked perfectly.

So, about eight months ago I switched to the GE 12726 and it has been rock solid for all of that time.  I happen to think it's a great product and well worth the increased expense.  The only issue I had is that for the first few weeks my pool guy kept turning off the Z-wave functionality in the switch when he was trying to turn off the pump for maintenance. That switch is not clearly labeled, and as it was a brand new product I don't think he understood what he was doing.  Luckily there is a button on the outside to turn on/off the switch so you don't even have to open up the unit.  And there's even a hole for a combination lock to ensure people cannot open it.

As for whether it can control more than one device, I don't see why not (but I am not an electrician, so I could be very wrong, so don't just rely on what I say).  As long as both are 220 and you can physically connect both wires, I don't see why not.  I believe you can also convert it from a single 220v to two separate 110v switches if that's the functionality you need.
Title: Re: GE 12726 ZWave Switch
Post by: pjtvnet5 on March 27, 2017, 09:08:48 am
I excluded the GE 12726 and then included it again.  That was a suggestion by Jasco tech.  After a couple of days, it seems to be working.  I also put a lock on the cover, I believe renters, condo admins and my cleaner may have been opening the box.  Which contributed to my issue.

One thing I noticed is the default vera polling does not work.  I set the polling interval to 300 seconds, turned off the breaker so the switch would not be able to respond and waited about 1/2 hour.  No report from vera that the switch was not responding.  I set up a scene to poll the switch every 10 minutes and that works just fine.  Not sure what the default polling setting is as the documentation does not say.

It would be nice to have a better inclusion macro/script for this device so that it gets configured properly. 

Will keep an eye on it.