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Title: 101 for Universal remote to control AV equipment in basement
Post by: nutshellml on December 24, 2016, 11:45:28 pm
Ok, so little confused as this is my first setup due to a recent remodel.  I have my TV in the main room and all of my A/V equipment downstairs.  I'm using a HDMI Extender (ZIG-HVX-100) to run my HDMI over CAT cable, it also has IR in/out.  That said, can someone tell me the best way to control the equipment? Cable Box, Receiver, DVD/BLURAY - would it be a Harmony Companion?  And if I understood correctly from reading that would talk to Vera via the Harmony Plug in, correct?  Ultimately enabling me to create Scenes, ie. "Dance Music" turn receiver to XX FM turn on RGB lights to specific color, dim lights, or something similar when watching TV?

I'm sure this has been asked/answered so if anyone has a link to the thread that would be helpful.  I'm getting more into all of the HA now that my remodel is done, bought about 15 Homeseer switches, RGB undercabinet and toe kick lighting, outdoor lights on trigger, fun fun... Now my AV system is next.

THANKS ALL! Happy Holidays!