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Title: Ideas for Scene with DLNA Media Controller plugin
Post by: paros on December 30, 2016, 01:21:07 pm
I need help with this one  :)
I have a DLNA compatible wifi speaker (Sony srs-zr5) which is installed in a room that has a door sensor.

I want the following to happen:
If the speaker is not playing (for example if the speaker is in "STANDBY mode" or not playing DLNA/chromecast/etc)
THEN play a mp3 located at the NAS.

So far I have managed to figure out everything exept how to check the state of the speaker.
The only option I can check in a scene is "Playing state" - BUT this seems to be only the state of the DLNA player (it doesn't check the overall state of the speaker).
Is there any other way to check the state of the speaker according to above (not playing anything from DLNA/chromecast/etc or if the device is in Standby mode)?

The speaker answers to PING even if it is at STANDBY mode.
I am using PLEG.