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Title: Vera Lite Upgrade
Post by: aboyer on March 15, 2017, 10:12:55 am

I have been scanning the forums but I haven't found the answers to my questions. I have been using my Vera lite for about 4 years now and I rarely touch it so I don't remember some of the stuff and why I did it.

My Vera Lite is running UI5 and Altsteon. I don't remember why I installed Altsteon but figured it had to do with getting support for the Insteon devices that I have on my network. So my questions are:

Do I need Altsteon with a Vera Edge or is there direct support for Insteon Devices?
     If direct support, is there a list somewhere to see what devices are supported?
     If no direct support, can I still use Altsteon or is this not supported on Vera Edge?

Will I still need my Insteon Modem or does the Vera Edge have native support for Insteon devices?

How can I determine if the plug-ins that I current have and use on Vera Lite will work with the Vera Edge?