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Title: RFXtrx with lightwaverf speed
Post by: DTB1985 on November 16, 2017, 11:17:53 am
Title: Re: RFXtrx with lightwaverf speed
Post by: b_weijenberg on November 17, 2017, 04:42:25 am
If you start scenes using a 433 transmitter it creates a delay.
See this link for the explanation of an identical problem
Title: Re: RFXtrx with lightwaverf speed
Post by: DTB1985 on November 18, 2017, 10:16:01 am
Ahh thats annoying, should have done more research before hand. Think I get it, guessing its not bi-directional so needs to tx then rx. Either way back to the drawing board.

Thinking I might be able to link the 4 buttons on the bottom of the mood controller and 4 gang directly as per LighwaveRF instructions. I could then have the vera also receive the 4 lower mood controller buttons to trigger the Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2. Finally I could use the top 2 buttons on the mood controller to control the bathroom fan by the Fibaro Double Switch 2. I think this might work unless Im missing something?

Sure this has been asked a load before but is there a similar product to the mood controller that works with wave as this would solve a lot of my issues? Last time I looked the most I could find had 4 buttons, was the wrong colour (no brushed metal finishes) and was really expensive.
Title: Re: RFXtrx with lightwaverf speed
Post by: Andy on December 05, 2017, 05:27:47 am
I get around this by doing as you suggest. Set as much as possible up direct Lightwave->Lightwave. Then mirror this and anything Lightwave can't do (e.g. logic) on Vera.

This minimises the perception of lag. For example I have a landing light with a Lightwave motion detector and dimmer. The Motion detector sends an "on" to turn the dimmer back on at whatever brightness it was last set to. I set the "off" on the motion detector to 1m (it is set to 45s on Vera using PLEG, so one way or another it gets turned off).

I want it on high most of the time, but low from 7pm when the kids go to bed and very low at night so that people can get to the bathroom.

The first time it is triggered after a change in the brightness schedule, the motion detector turns the light on at the old brightness, and then the Vera follows up with the correct brightness, so it flashes on high, then dims. However the next time the detector just turns it on, so it comes on correctly, quickly because only Lightwave is involved.

Most of the time, this isn't particularly obvious, but there are glitches like that. If you think it through, it can be made to work.

Of course when Vera (frequently) isn't working, you get unexpected results, but that is a separate issue. In many situations the lag is not an issue.