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Title: Battery Power motion sensor scene for away and home mode
Post by: 9ixxerLee on November 16, 2017, 10:59:05 pm
Hi Guys, Need some help on creating a PLEG. (really give up on Vera Geo location)

I've 4 motion lay across my living room, kitchen, toilet and walkway.

Like to creating a scene as follow but do not how to start with it.
1) 1 of the Mutli switch must be on for this scene to work.
2) Only during weekdays
3) at 8am during weekdays if no motion detected after 1 hour, change the mode to away.
4) if there still motion detected at 9am, cancel this scene as someone is at home.

or it is easier with a door sensor and motion sensors which i have a door sensor as well on the main door.

Hope some one can guide me on this.