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Title: New Vera User - Kodi? DLNA? Samsung TV?
Post by: rjayyyy on December 05, 2017, 12:03:18 am
Bit of background, have always been interested in home automation and had some very early X10 gear. In recent times I purchased a bunch of the new Aeotec devices and was playing with Domoticz while I decided on what HA Hub to get. Was attracted to the Vera Plus due to the connectivity standards included (Bluetooth, Z Wave Plus etc) and that larger number of supported new devices that Open ZWave seems to struggle with at times. Bit the bullet when the Vera Plus landed in Aus last month and have begun playing but have to say I am kind of disappointed.

Interface isn't great (UI7) or that user friendly and many of the plugins I thought would be great are either non existent / really dated or not working. Things like the Kodi plugins, I can't seem to find one that works with Kodi 17 which has been out for a longggg time now and figured was pretty much the staple of the DIY media centres and the thread below seems pretty dead with someone asking the same question;,28490.msg325611.html#msg325611

Samsung TV plugin doesn't seem to do anything with my only 2 year old Smart TV

DLNA Media Server plugin which does look like an amazing feature set that would really provide so of the things I was looking for in terms of using Google Home and the Kodi endpoints to speak announcements etc but it doesn't discover any devices on my network yet the DLNA add device part of Vera itself does same as this thread?,52010.0.html

Device support seems ok but it seems like the plugins side looks like its going to be a lot of manual coding and DIY which I was kinda of wanting to steer away from by going a more off the shelf hub. Starting to thinking I should have lashed out the bigger $ and gone down the Fibaro HC2 path. Only reason I was avoiding it is due to it being older hardware with no Z Wave Plus support.

Just trying to get a feel for plugin development going on and suprised there is not more noise on the Kodi integration front?

Title: Re: New Vera User - Kodi? DLNA? Samsung TV?
Post by: litby on December 10, 2017, 04:09:01 am
Before you start investing time in plugins I suggest you consider a different approach that will allow you keep the Vera clean and use it as a command execution engine only. No unreliable/obsolete plugins and minimal interaction with the hopeless UI7 interface.

Both can run on pretty much anything, an RPi will do nicely. I run them on a Debian VM on a Dell server just to make sure there is enough power  :).

ALTUI has a workflow editor which makes it easy to create complex logic.

I've found this to be an awesome combination. I also have Kodi and use Harmony remote controls. Because HA Bridge simulates a Philips Hue controller, any device that supports Hue, such as a Harmony hub or Amazon Echo, can control any Vera device through the HA Bridge.
HA Bridge also allows pretty much any HTTP command to be sent to devices which respond to HTTP calls, such as Kodi.

So you can build a scene in ALTUI which is known to HA Bridge and have it run when you start a Harmony activity or tell Alexa to fire up Kodi.
Title: Re: New Vera User - Kodi? DLNA? Samsung TV?
Post by: rjayyyy on December 10, 2017, 07:31:51 pm
Really helpful Litby! I have managed to find some info and get the original XBMCState plugin working which has enabled me to now finally port all my devices and get at the bare minimum all the automation I had working on Domoticz across to the new platform.

On the upside it seems with Vera the ZWave behaviour is more reliable and you get the full functionality of ZWave devices unlike Open ZWave (eg double button clicks with the Remotec 6 button scene controllers).

Slowly getting used to the interface but I know that the scenes logic really doesn't have enough power for some of the more complex scenes that I will want in the future. I will hunt down the apps you are discussing and having a play :)

Title: Re: New Vera User - Kodi? DLNA? Samsung TV?
Post by: rjayyyy on January 01, 2018, 02:07:24 am
Just wanted to update this thread as while my initial take on Vera was a little negative (in some ways justifiably so the interface isn't great and the scene logic available as standard is poor) now after having it running for a month or so I have migrated almost all items from my previous Domoticz instance and I have Vera unit doing everything Domoticz was and more reliably and with more features (Open ZWave as used by Domoticz often only supports cut down feature sets of ZWave devices).

Forums have also been great and responsive and while I do see a few complaints about Vera support I have thus far found them to be responsive also.

thanks to all who have responded to my new to Vera posts across the forum :)