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Title: PowerMax and FW .3232
Post by: Isablend on December 05, 2017, 03:27:40 am
I posted this in the upgrading section, but thought this might be useful here also.   After the upgrade to .3232 I had a bunch of apps stop working i.e. Sonos, VisonicPowermax, RFXtrx.

Long story short I downgraded the firmware to .3015, however the apps still didn't work properly until I saw the below post in relation to the Sonos app and getting it working again;,51432.msg335161.html#msg335161

after that worked I went through the .js files for all my apps and applied the same change.   Now only the 3 apps I mention required the change (none of the others use the Ajax call), however I can say that my system is now fully back and operational i.e. all apps working properly.   Hope this helps.
Title: Re: PowerMax and FW .3232
Post by: Isablend on December 10, 2017, 10:42:37 am
Further update and in relation to an issue that was being reported by others.   

I started getting communication errors reported and when interrogating the alarm panel it was showing 'Jamming' errors (approximately 4 per day) with each being cleared about 90-120 minutes later.   I've not been able to determine what is causing these errors.   

I do however use allot of Lightwave devices, Somfy blinds as well as Honeywell Evohome radiator controls all of which are communicated over the 433.92 Mhz band along with Visonic sensors.   I suspect that its the Honeywell Evohome due to the cold weather activating radiators at odd times of the day/night, but can't prove it (I have looked at the timing of the jamming and it looks pretty random).   

Anyhow by changing the Define Panel - 19.Jam Detect to 'Disable', it seems to have stopped the comms errors in the Vera environment, which was in turn was causing the alarm to cease arming because of the Jam condition.