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Title: BUG: 2 Veras, local + remote, same IP schema, no good
Post by: anthonyris on December 20, 2017, 06:24:45 pm
Just an FYI if you use Vera both in a remote location and at your primary residence:
You cannot access the remote box via an app if the remote box has the same IP address as your local box, even though they are on different networks.

I noticed recently that I could not access my vacation house Vera via any iOS apps, including the Vera app. Could access fine via web pages.

I happen to use the same DHCP-reserved IP address for both my Veras on their respective networks. With two automated houses, it is easier to maintain the same schema and assign same DHCP reserved IPs to thermostats, cams, Vera, etc. Makes troubleshooting and accessing devices much easier.

Well, turns out that your local and remote Veras *cannot have the same IP addresses, even if they are on different/separate networks*. This is something new in how they are handling remote access, as I have used the same IP addresses in remote locations for years now.

They have submitted a report, and it will get fixed I assume at some point. Just a heads up.