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Title: Aeotec SmartSwitch 6
Post by: Tillsy on February 12, 2018, 07:18:46 am
Has anyone had any issues with the Aeotec SmartSwitch 6?

When I set it up last week I had nothing but trouble trying to pair it in security mode.  I persisted for over an hour and then gave up and paired it in non-secure mode.

Works a treat since.  However, once in a while Vera makes strange claims:
1. Can't see the device, even though it is mere metres away happily turns it off and on.
2. Can't see energy consumption, even though again you can successfully turn it off and on via Vera and then suddenly the power readings return to normal.

Overall works a treat, just that I had to pair in non-secure mode and that Vera occasionally displays warnings about it.  But actually continues to work.

Just curious what others experience might be, as the Fibaro Double Switch 2 units I have been installing throughout my home are all pairing perfectly fine in secure mode and encountering no difficulties thereafter... making me think perhaps I should get one of the new model Fibaro wall plugs when they come out.
Title: Re: Aeotec SmartSwitch 6
Post by: Tillsy on February 12, 2018, 07:48:24 am
Actually I should clarify that while I said the Fibaro Double Switch 2 works a treat, one thing I do notice is that turning the second channel on and off via Vera works instantly but the Vera struggles to detect that it worked for a short while.

Either a coincidence, or remarkably like my struggles making Vera and Z-UNO work together with more than 1 input... maybe it's a Vera thing?

Off topic just realising I said it works perfect which it does, but there is that one slight hiccup.