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Title: FAQ public beta releases
Post by: Henk on September 03, 2011, 02:57:37 am

LAST STABLE UI4 RELEASE:        UI4: 1.1.1350
LAST KNOWN RELEASED UI5      UI5: 1.5.254 (VERA 3) & 1.5.255 (VERA 3)


Welcome dear user,

In this FAQ/Quick Reference i have tried to capture some usefull information that would help all of us to have a quick overview of current events, usefull links and other information.

Currently the following links are posted as quick reference:


Regular Production Upgrade link
(CURRENTLY 1.1.1245)

Public Beta Upgrade link, only updated when a public announcement is made
(CURRENTLY 1.1.1350);       

Last KNOWN stable release for UI4

Last KNOWN official production firmware link;

Last known production release prior to current build;

Last known working BETA link;

-----Vera 1 SPECIFICK------------
Current production release;

Last known released BETA link;

final  UI2 and UI3 releases;
UI2 url:
UI3 url:

(Note: This post was originally made with links to 994/319 firmware, but the SQ Remote iPhone app needed a last minute change so we re-posted these updated versions)" As per official announcment here (

To downgrade to any of the mentioned released take these steps:

1. Copy the url (link) of the build you want to install.
2. Find the last good backup of your system and have it available.
3. Go to the firmwaretab of your UI and copy the link for the desied build into the box: URL for MiOS custom firmware and hit "UPGRADE".
4. Select "FACTORY DEFAULTS when prompted in the process.
5. Wait for Vera to install the selected firmware.
6. Restore the selected backup in the backupsection of your UI. Provide the path to the backup by clicking "Select file" en then hit the "RESTORE" button

NOTE: restoring to factory defaults will remove all scenes, plugins and other code. It will NOT clear your Z-wave database.
Title: Re: FAQ public beta releases
Post by: Thiemen on March 29, 2013, 08:43:57 am
Can this tread be updated, refers to old firmware as latest release