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Title: Schlage Lock Firmware
Post by: Scarab on May 14, 2018, 07:12:36 pm
Is there a way with Vera to view the locks firmware version?  I believe the only way to update them is with the Nexia, which I would consider even getting for a month just to do the updates, though a partnership with Vera and Schlage would be nice, even if it is all handled by an app installed on the Vera.  Then again newest yet to fully be released (and previously pulled) firmware 7.0.26.x is the first one using a new z-wave version, it is great to finally take advantage of the 500 series chips after the 700 series have been announced but that is besides the point. Sorry for the rant.  Also here is a great reference for the versions of Z-Wave

On side note is vera going to enable firmware updates of devices any time soon, or do we still need something specific to each brand to update firmware?
Title: Re: Schlage Lock Firmware
Post by: Tillsy on May 14, 2018, 07:29:55 pm
OTA firmware updates in Z-Wave is a brilliant concept - rather than having to know there are firmware updates available for each and every device, rather than every device having its own and different way of doing firmware updates, rather than the end-user who isn't necessarily technically minded trying to tinker and potentially screw up firmware updates, there is a single universal system that takes care of it transparently behind the scenes.

Unfortunately what OTA firmware has instead done is shoved a nuclear warhead right up the ass of anyone using Z-Wave.

The gateways either don't, or don't fully, support it.  You must therefore do it manually, however because the firmware update must be done via the OTA function of Z-Wave you are instead given the immense pleasure of being totally and utterly screwed:

OTA firmware is a brilliant concept that has instead ^&%$# everyone over.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only way I know this is entirely smooth is if you have Fibaro devices and a Fibaro HC2... in that where you have the same manufacturer all the way through they officially support doing the OTA firmwares that were promised.  Otherwise you must go through the above hell.
Title: Re: Schlage Lock Firmware
Post by: jswim788 on May 14, 2018, 07:48:18 pm
HomeSeer has a sale on their Z-flash device:

This appears to address many of the issues that Tillsy has brought up.  But I have no firsthand experience with this device and no way to verify if it works as advertised.  Their user manual says:

Secondary Controller Method
Procedure: Z-Flash is added to the existing primary Z-Wave network as a secondary controller. After updates are complete, Z-Flash is excluded from the primary network.
Recommended for: HomeTroller Zee S2, SmartThings, Wink and other similar products.
Pros: Scenes/Events/Robots/Rules that involve the updated devices will be unaffected. Works with secure devices.
Cons: Z-Flash device interrogation may take some time (possibly minutes) to complete. Not compatible with all systems.
Requires: Z-Flash Kit (includes Z-Flash Software and SmartStick+ or UZB Stick)
Title: Re: Schlage Lock Firmware
Post by: Tillsy on May 14, 2018, 08:28:16 pm
Z-Flash is added to the existing primary Z-Wave network as a secondary controller

Fantastic find jswim788!  I'll have to dig further into that, hopefully it is as good as it sounds :)
Title: Re: Schlage Lock Firmware
Post by: shallowearth on May 15, 2018, 01:29:11 am
Unfortunately I am pretty sure that Schlage only releases their Firmware to Nexia, I don't think they make it generally available for other controllers to push the update.  Maybe you can try to get Schlage support to give it to you but I highly doubt it.
Title: Re: Schlage Lock Firmware
Post by: Scarab on May 15, 2018, 10:45:08 am
I will need to check if my old Schlage link bridge is compatible with the newer Nexia service.  It came with one of my older locks and really dont want to invest more into this than I have to.  Nexia does confirm it can be a secondary controller.  From what I understand in the Schlage and Nexia forums is currently they are the only service which can update firmware for the Schlage logs which from a security standpoint I can almost understand but then again updating firmware from a secure network shouldn't be that much of a security concern unless the code is easily decompiled and will reveal a bunch of security holes. 

Then again I would rather have a nexia app on Vera than an entire second controller to keep up to date ideally if they would offer a firmware sale for a limited access account I wouldn't complain either but that would be a vera to nexia/schlage conversation.  However as other providers such a small New Hampshire company as HomeSeer can do firmware updates for devices than vera should be able to as well, even if everything except Schlage if the company wants to be difficult.