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openHAB MiOS Binding / Re: OpenHAB controlled by Vera?
« Last post by Drex on Today at 10:12:36 pm »
You don't necessarily need the Mios binding in openHab - here's an example rule I use to shadow an item in a virtual switch on Vera from OH:
Code: [Select]

rule "Front Door Shadow"
    Item ZONE1_TRIPPED changed
    if(ZONE1_TRIPPED.state == ON)  sendHttpGetRequest("")
    else sendHttpGetRequest("")

Well, I can see the logs and see the contact change states and conditions, OPEN/CLOSED and 1/0, but I can't seem to get this to work.

Here is the entire rules file for my one virtual test contact.

Each URL works fine.

I can't seem to get it to fire correctly in OH2

Any thoughts/advice?

I'm getting the hang of OH2 but its poorly documented.  Thanks for any help!

Code: [Select]

rule "Den Door Contact Shadow"

    Item Zones_Den_Door_Current changed
    if(Zones_EntryExit_Door_Current.state == OPEN)

Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: Plugin: AutoVirtualThermostat (AVT)
« Last post by rigpapa on Today at 10:08:32 pm »
I think you are right with your hunch. Once I removed the devices from SVT the AVT seems to work fine, so it seems like a conflict even though SVT is off.

I also tested the AVT in Imperihome and it does indeed work well internally (as I only set that) and shows the same interface as SVT but externally it won?t work as I haven?t filled in the URL. Is there a way to connect externally to AVT so that it can be added in Imperihome ?

If the Fan issue and the Imperihome external "issues" can be fixed I think AVT will be a great replacement for SVT. The main problem today with SVT is the fact that it seems to require a periodic LUUP reload or otherwise it will hang on temp measurement on some of my Rooms. Only time will tell if AVT is as sensitive, but SVT is of course a very old plugin that may not have the newer connections to UI7 that AVT has so I would assume it would work better.

Fan issue? Did my instructions not work?

External Imperihome in this form is unlikely. As it is, ImperiHome support is a bit of a kludge, meant to get everyone's local dashboards working. Remote access for Vera is a whole big can of worms that goes far beyond simply providing a remote URL to ImperiHome. I'm still looking into what can be done long term.
You can't do the association to the child devices they aren't the real device.  I believe you have to do this via multiple end points of you only want to target one of the relays.  Let me do a little digging to see what the right seeing is.
Correct.  So in the case of one of the samples in my screenshot, the child relay I am trying to trigger is node 277.  But what I am instead trying to trigger is the parent device (276) and the relevant endpoint (1), hence 276.1 - however the multisensor is not accepting this.

Yet you'll see in the screenshot it accepted the two devices that were not multichannel - but the two multichannels I added are ignored.

I have tried directly editing the multisensor's settings in case Vera's UI7 was at fault - but the result is the same, the multisensor still doesn't accept the multichannel ones.

Sincerely appreciate anything you can offer.
Using the Aeon doorbell, I have fully documented my setup here:,50540.msg335250.html#msg335250. Of note, using any audio editing software, the user can raise or lower the output volume of any sound byte they choose for the door annunciator. I found a nice mellow electronic bing-bong that suits out home perfectly, and simply modified the volume until my wife was happy. Happy wife = happy life.
You can't do the association to the child devices they aren't the real device.  I believe you have to do this via multiple end points of you only want to target one of the relays.  Let me do a little digging to see what the right seeing is.
General / Re: Terminology -- reboot --
« Last post by HSD99 on Today at 07:15:21 pm »
No worries---I had the same reaction when I first saw those entries the logs.

I think, however, there is a real problem with terminology---Luup restarts are frequently called  "reboots" by some folks, which is not correct. "Reboots" should refer to a restart of the OS (which will load and start all processes); "restarts" to the Luup system terminating and being restarted.
I have the Dome mounted near the front door---it can be heard all over the house. I would think you would hear it in the same room, even with the shower running.
I have read of some folks making announcements on speakers, like a Sonos system, when the door bell is pressed. You could program Vera to blink the lights in the bathroom as well.
I have done something that you many be able to modify to do what you need.  Attached is my PLEG status report. It tracks total blower time.
Lock, Motion & Security Control / Z-Wave chime, door bell, annunciation
« Last post by JohnRob on Today at 06:04:19 pm »

I'm trying to purchase a Z-Wave chime or bell.   I want it be heard while I am in the shower with the device in the same room.

I've read nearly all the reviews on the the current offerings and found complaints they were too soft in many cases the siren types would blast your ears.

  • Aeon Labs ZW056 Doorbell
  • Dome Home Automation DMS01
  • GoControl Z-Wave Siren and Strobe, WA105DBZ-1
  • etc

I was thinking of trying the GoControl and physically covering the opening to reduce the sound but I'm not sure that would provide what I am looking for.

Does anyone have experience with a similar goal?

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