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General / Re: EU version of the Vera with Z-Wave device with US frequency
« Last post by litby on Today at 07:38:34 am »
@mhjens Did you find a working solution? I'm also from Sweden and bought a Schlage lock from the US, had no idea that different z-wave frequencies was used.

Here's the way to do this. I'm also in Sweden and  I have 2 Veras, one EU and one US model. The latter controls thermostats and smoke/CO detectors which only exist with U.S frequency. Works great.

Rather than bridging the two, I have a Raspberry Pi3 running OpenLuup which sees all devices on both controllers. This is where I have all scenes and other logic. E.g. I have scenes which execute actions on EU devices based on readings from US devices and vice versa.

The bonus benefit of this is that the entire system is significantly more stable because the Veras only handle device control, no scenes or other logic.

Hello, apart from what I have told you you just have to put the IP address where required ... For example please "relax engine".
Hi. What version bridge do you have? If it's one of the newer ones (V6/ibox2) and nothing is working then that may be the issue.
General / Re: Fibaro keyfob FGKF 601
« Last post by svaleb on Today at 07:04:04 am »
The basic works now.
Difficult to "wake up" and configure.
Looking forward to the new vera firmware, but it works.
General / Re: ZRC-90
« Last post by wzz on Today at 06:59:16 am »
I also contacted support about the ZRC-90. Since the latest Firmware the buttons will call the wrong scene, or no scene at all.

I had everything working fine: single click enables a scene to tun on a lamp, double click turns off the lamp.
With hold I was even able to set a dimlevel for the lamp.

My experience: do not configure the device itself, do not use "Select scenes for device buttons"!!

But only create scenes yourself and use Remotec as Trigger.

Select a Trigger
Whenever Remotec
   A scene is activated
       which scene number: 2    -> This actually means: which button!! Button 2 in this case!
       How is the button pressed: The key is pressed 1 time

Hope this helps.

This used to work very well untill the latest Vera Edge firmware.

Hi could you share more about the hold. Do you mean you are able to vary the dimming level by holding the button? I'm interested in achieving that, can it be done? or could someone direct me to how it can be done. Thanks.
Thanks. That does confirm how I have set things, but it is still not working.

I wonder whether it is a problem with the lump file. I have two json files in the loaded list. One is D_MiLightRGBW.json and the  other is D_MiLightRGBW_UI7.json. Seem to have a mixture referenced in the xml files and so the prams shown. I am on v1.3 of the plugin.

Can anyone tell me their working setup for versions and luup files.

I am tempted to remove the plugin and all devices and start again if that would solve. otherwise edit the xml
Video Camera Control / WANSCAM HW0036
« Last post by jayce44 on Today at 05:33:30 am »
Is somebody use WANSCAM HW0036 with VERAPLUS?
Alternate UI to UI7 / Re: Registration not showing
« Last post by amg0 on Today at 05:32:33 am »
Hi there,

I installed openLuup yesterday night on my BB-Pi and paid for the AltUI registration.

Apparently that partially worked - my name is showing as the footer - but still saying "unregistered to gburnier".

Thanks for your help.

wierd, never had something like this before so please 2 things
1)send me a screen shot copy of your footer and make sure you clear/refresh the cache of your browser
2) check the javascrtip console of hte browser for potential errors here, send me the log

Tout fonctionne maintenant.
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