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I have meanwell lpc 35-700 led driver which outputs at 700ma and i want to run led string but at lower current.
Let say 500ma or 600ma, How can i achieve this?
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: New Plugin: Reactor
« Last post by xo on Today at 06:46:15 am »
can somebody take a look to the reactor logic?

The plan is to make a smart floor light. Involved are 2 Fibaro Motion-sensors they have to ramp up the light when motion is detected an light lvl is below x.

I'm not sure that i have understand the conditions right. Is there an Howto or something like this? I'm a bit flashed from the options.

Edit: What for a service variable is for the doubble-click by the fibaro dimmers?
Amazon Alexa / Re: Amazon echo and Roller shutter
« Last post by nirgal on Today at 05:47:10 am »
Does anyone has any idea why roller shutters are not supported ?
It seems not reasonable to put a window shutter in the same group as a garage door.
It seems Vera should allow the user to decide if this is a security issue and not block everything

Did that yesterday, got reply within couple of hours and all seems to work fine now. Was a bit sceptical about tech support but glad to report I'm happy with the response and resolution

Double check whether the device is really passing configuration, or they've just told Vera to not try to complete configuration on the device. They tried this 'fix' on mine but the give away is:

- When you pair another SS6, it fails to configure and has Purging associations error.
- If you "Configure node right now" absolutely nothing happens.
- If you check the advanced variables, the Neigbors variable will be empty (as will a bunch of others).

The SS6 still functions as in you can turn it on/off. But it's not properly included in the network. I have the Z-wave CIT and I can see where it's going wrong in removing the Lifeline and Retransmit associations and then failing to add them back to node 1 (Vera).

From the trace, it's not actually the purging associations that's failing, that's happening. The config step is failing at "Association Group Info Get", after which it would assign the associations. The other two images show what it should look like, and what's happening at the moment.

I've got 4 SS6's that I'm trying to pair at the moment, none will finish. I suspect this is a more recent problem, as I had no issues with the SS6's about 6 months ago when I originally added them.

openLuup / Re: How to mirror DarkSky temp to Vera?
« Last post by cybrmage on Today at 03:25:31 am »
How would you set the temperature variable via HTTP?

rather than calling a UPnP action (id=lu_action)... You would have to set the variable directly (id=lu_variableset)...

Code: [Select]

- or- for a real Vera

openLuup / Re: openLuup: Data Historian
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 03:15:10 am »
Another problem I note: must NOT mix the historian directory with a regular DataYours Whisper database.  They must be kept separate, although the Grafana interface is able to access and display data from both separate directories.
openLuup / Re: How to mirror DarkSky temp to Vera?
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 03:05:28 am »
There is no SetCurrentTemperature action.

Why are you trying to set a temperature reading? It will get overwritten on the next update anyway.
openLuup / Re: openLuup: Data Historian
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 02:58:28 am »
Simply rename all the files to start with 0 rather than data0 and all should be well after a restart.  I'll add some checks to catch a path not ending in /

It's straight-forward to write a Lua script to do the rename if you don't otherwise know an easy way to do it for all the files.

...or just delete them and start again.
Amazon Alexa / Scenes not working
« Last post by nirgal on Today at 02:02:49 am »

I have Echo Dot and added a few device + one scenes.
I can activate the devices, but when I ask Alexa to start the scenes I am getting "Alexa can't find the device name XXX"

What am I doing wrong ?

General / Re: Goodbye Vera
« Last post by wilme2 on Today at 12:39:24 am »
Well, after 5 years I think it is time to move on.  The VeraSecure did it for me.  Still can't configure the network without Tech Support.  And reloads LUUP every time you try to use the official app.  And AutHomation gives me "No Network" errors.  Vera Control is doing nothing to keep me, so....

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