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General / Re: UI7 Can't Launch / Ping / wget / post URL
« Last post by jeubanks on Today at 12:16:08 pm »
Go into your vera web interface and go to:

User & Account Info -> Security

In the latest UI7 they disabled things like wget by default.
General / Re: UI7 Can't Launch / Ping / wget / post URL
« Last post by jswim788 on Today at 12:09:29 pm »
Try adding some logging to see what it is doing:
Code: [Select]
local status, result = luup.inet.wget('',5)
luup.log("status returned: " .. status .. ", result returned: " .. result)
(View the logs with this: http://vera_ip/cgi-bin/cmh/ where vera_ip is replaced appropriately.  Note that AltUI has a very nice test code window where you can debug code and use print() statements.)

Can you tell if your application ever gets a connection?
openLuup / Re: openLuup: Turn-key Images & Linux (Aptitude) Guide
« Last post by powisquare on Today at 10:28:14 am »
Hi guys - am new to this so please bear with : ) Have just received shiny pi 3 model B + and have loaded the Raspbian Jessie Lite image onto a 32gb card.

I am stuck with a rainbow screen and from my google searches I have discovered "The bootloader included with Raspbian Jessie (v8) doesn't support the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+."

This is taken from

Should I bang my head on the table some more and wait for the 8gb card to be delivered or have I simply missed something?
General / Re: Goodbye Vera
« Last post by kwieto on Today at 10:18:45 am »
The Mac Mini 2007 would fit into the original Intel scenario.

It was third revision of this model (Core 2 duo), this way current model is also "original Intel" ;)
You know, after first iPhone was released they became less interested in forcing Mac customers to rebuild their setup completely every few years and moved to the mobile phones.
Some time ago I've checked how release of new model/OS revision/feature is correlated with market trend. It is brilliant marketing strategy: release something "new" every time your sales significantly drop.

Nevertheless Apple isn't a good example for customer support in terms of taking care about previous faults. More often fixes of obvious lacks are presented as "new great features".
The same is for hardware - if not forced (i.e. by law/government agendas) don't expect to take responsibility. I had couple of CRT Apple Display monitors which had design flaw: the High power unit was poorly ventilated and breaking after some period of time. Apple knew the problem, but refused to replace/repair those units. Some dealers took responsibility instead and were covering costs of repair by themselves.

So either I've had a great run or you've had a bad run

Seems that I use Apple products longer  and I used more types of them.
And as far as I remember, the approach which I mention started when Jobs returned to the company, in '90s it was much better and PowerPC architecture made products lasting longer (in terms of being able to work with newest swoftware without need for upgrade) than comparable PC's.

Not sure what you mean about the Vera

About you defending Vera? You know, you are telling that Vera should provide support for their devices even in a long run, but excusing Apple for not doing the same at least for some of their products.
General / Re: UI7 Can't Launch / Ping / wget / post URL
« Last post by Mike on Today at 10:11:41 am »
You probably want a GET:
Code: [Select]
local status, result = luup.inet.wget('',5)The timeout is set to 5 in the above example - is that sufficient for your application?  And do you need any authentication?  The browser may do that for you automatically, but you'll need to do explicitly here.  You can log the status and result to see if anything unusual is happening.

Thank you. I have also tried this but it doesn't work. There is no authentication required.
General / Re: Goodbye Vera
« Last post by rgmessick on Today at 10:00:32 am »
It's been almost 3 weeks now with Homeseer. I have 20 devices and 10 events(scenes) setup. I know it's only been a short time but there has not been one problem with the system. It's been very smooth sailing. I hope it stays this way for a long time. I know it's a matter of time before I get an issue. Not all systems are perfect. I was only getting a few issues with Vera but it was all the time. I just could not take it anymore. Well, I guess you could say I did get one issue. When I said Alexa, bedroom fan off - Alexa responded that not supported. I said the exact same thing again and this time Alexa said Ok and the fan turned off. I have been using that command all this time and it's never done that.

As for my Vera Plus, I have not messed with it yet to see if I can revive it. I have no idea what it takes to create Firmware but I would think with all the problems Vera would just rewrite the Firmware from the ground up. Maybe it is a combination of poor Firmware and lower end hardware. I see some have problems and some don't. From what I gather reading here is, as your device list grows bigger,  create more scenes and or install more plugins Vera starts to poop out. Some say the Vera boxes are cheap. I disagree, I think $150 is a good amount of money. I don't feel the Vera Plus is worth that. From my experience, a piece of hardware that performed like my Vera Plus would cost more in the sub $100 range. This is my opinion. I still plan on sticking around in the Vera forums to see how things progress. I hope one day Vera releases a good product and I might return. I do like a standalone box like the Vera better than running a PC 24/7. At this point in time, I want something more reliable and just works.


I've been on the fence for a year or so and finally decided to get the HS3Pro software and Z-Net z-wave device (installing in on a Windows 10 mini PC). The Z-Net arrives today so I will start moving things over very soon.
Lighting & Load Control / Re: 1:30 - 3:30am lighting gremlin
« Last post by Tillsy on Today at 09:19:04 am »
Domitech/Linear/Gocontrol LB60 bulb gremlins are solved through OTA  bulb automatic firmware upgrade. But will be introduced in Vera 7.26 firmware update.

Wait what?  I thought Vera didn't do OTA updates for device firmware?!
General / Re: Feedback on newer plugin for Fortrezz water flow meter??
« Last post by leedavidr on Today at 08:14:37 am »
Further review of this plug through the Vera store front indicates that this plug in was created by dantheman2865.  I have sent him a message.  It also lists Fortrezz as the manufacturer.  While I assume that Fortrezz is listed as the manufacturer of the device, I wonder if it is listed as the creator of the plug in itself:

Any help here would be appreciated.
Lighting & Load Control / Re: 1:30 - 3:30am lighting gremlin
« Last post by flaquito on Today at 07:52:54 am »
You may try giving them a call... that's what I did, and they upgraded them right away.

In other news, it looks like my lights did not turn on last night!
No idea what the problem was, but suddenly Vera devices popped up in Google Home, so all god now :)
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