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Title: Mode not available for new thermostat
Post by: devanb on March 07, 2019, 06:10:17 pm
Hello everyone,

I have a well functioning CT100 and CT100 plus thermostats in my system.  I added a CT101 thermostat and although it works with Vera Mobile, vera concierge and google home report errors:

"Hey google, set great room thermostat to 60 degrees"

That mode isn't available for the great room thermostat"

the other thermostats work:

"Hey google, set basement thermostat to 60 degrees""

"Ok, setting the basement thermostat to 60 degrees"

Any tips on troubleshooting?  I have rebooted the vera and the pi running Vera Concierge.  I have updated the cloud information.  I have unlinked the Vera Concierge Smart home app in google home and then relinked it.  The new thermostat isn't working via the google home app either.  It reports that the device is not connected.  Vera mobile is able to control the device.