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Title: HOWTO: wireless keyfobs
Post by: patrick on October 28, 2012, 02:41:39 am
I spent a few hours digging into how the 4-button wireless keyfobs such as the nx-470 / TX-4014 work.  I was hoping to use the light and star buttons to trigger scenes, and I just came up with a working solution.  By default, the lightbulb button triggers stay mode, and the star is the same as the star key on the keypad.  With some programming on the panel, you can have these trigger relays instead.  The problem is - the relay events don't send any message to the NX-584/8E's serial port.  I mapped these to relays, then hooked the relays to some unused wired zones in my panel.  The end result - the button triggers a zone, and I can use that as a scene trigger.

Here's the detailed steps (using NX-8.  Programming locations may differ for other models, but the names are the same)
- Go into programming for the RF receiver, and go to the settings for each keyfob zone.  Set feature 4 (keyfob function 1) and 5 (keyfob function 2) in each zone.
- Enter programming for the main panel, and set the following locations
 46 - Auxiliary Output 1-4 Special Timing.  For segments 1 & 2, set all digits off (corresponds to output timed in seconds, output timed)
 47 - Auxiliary Output 1 event & time - Segment 1 - digits 49 (key fob function 1), Segment 2 - digit 1 (1 second)
 48 - Auxiliary Output 2 event & time - Segment 1 - digits 50 (key fob function 2), Segment 2 - digit 1 (1 second)

Now at this point, use a multimeter to make sure each zone works correctly, and ensure that you don't have the aux 1/2 outputs set to +12v.  You need dry contacts.  Once you have confirmed this, jumper them up to wired zones in the panel using the correct end-of-line resistors.  On the NX-8E, aux1 is normally closed, but aux2 is normally open.  Be sure to account for that in the resistor placement.

Now - you have the buttons triggering zones.  Test them by using the keyfob buttons, and making sure the appropriate zone triggers on the panel for ~1 second.  If it works, your wiring is done!

The last step on the panel is to keep those zones from setting off the alarm.  You can either set them to "chime only" zones, move them to an unused partition that won't be armed, or both. 

To finish it off - be sure to add your new zone in the Caddx plugin on Vera, and make sure the events come through as expected.