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Title: [IGNORE]Is anyone controlling their pool heater via Vera?
Post by: neilios on December 01, 2010, 09:50:22 pm
Sorry, I just found a thread on this at:

Please ignore this....

I know a few savvy VR owners that use the Proliphix systems for HVAC and pool/spa/hot water control (on/off) via the additional relay's that the units provide.

I've considered getting a z-wave dual-pole A/C relay and using that to turn the power on/off as needed - but have not gone too far down that road to start implementing it. For one, I'll probably need some outdoor switch so that the pump still runs when the heater is turned off - or have the appropriate wires moved.

I was wondering if anyone is already doing this, and if so, how? If you are not, then how would you do it if you had to?