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Title: Alexa mangles device names...
Post by: KMorley on July 11, 2017, 04:44:16 pm
Running application version 1.7.2931.  I have a room called "Kitchen" and in that room have a device named "Kitchen Lights", which is a Leviton Dimmer.  This had all been working correctly for the last several months and I could give Alexa the command "Alexa, kitchen lights 25 percent" and Alexa would execute the command.

Now when I try that, Alexa fails and mangles the device name as follows: "Sorry.  I didn't find kitchen kitchen lights".  That's not a typo - Alexa is repeating "kitchen".

If I command "Alexa, kitchen kitchen lights 25 percent", it fails in the identical manner.  Same thing if I command "Alexa, kitchen lights off".

The same is happening with the Foyer table lamp: "Alexa, foyer light on" results in "Sorry.  I didn't find foyer foyer table lamp". 

How do I fix this?

Ken Morley
Title: Re: Alexa mangles device names...
Post by: BOFH on July 11, 2017, 06:27:37 pm
On the site have you had Alexa discover devices?
also on the Vera alexa page, have you tried unchecking and re-checking that light and typing in the name again? It might have gotten garbled in a previous refresh.