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Title: Flood sensor issue
Post by: mikoz on February 24, 2018, 09:52:44 am
Hi all,

I want to monitor a water tank for low water... when the tank is low, I want to send out a message.  It's actually an auto top-off tank for a fish tank.  When the water level in the top-off tank is low, I want to send out a message so that someone (e.g. me) can fill it back up.  I placed the sensor near the bottom of the tank. 

I am using a new  AEON water sensor to accomplish this.  I setup a scene to send out a notification when the sensor *stops* detecting a flood.  When the sensor stops detecting a flood, this means that the tank water level is low obviously.   

There are two issues:
1.  when the tank is low and the sensor detects no water, it send out a flurry of messages. I had to set the limit of daily notifications to 5 to get around this.  I also thought about disarming the sensor in the scene 30 seconds or later, but this seems kind of non-optimal.   
2.  sometimes it appears that the sensor stops transmitting and vera detects this as an out of water event and sends out a false message.  I have used this sensor without issue to detect floods (which is probably the more conventional  use model), but it seems to be problematic in this configuration where I want it to detect *no water*.

My goal is simple:  notify me once (let's say a maximum of once per day) of an out of water event in this tank.  How can I best accomplish this in light of the above issue? 

Title: Re: Flood sensor issue
Post by: Don Phillips on February 25, 2018, 04:08:18 pm
There are many ways to do this, using a scene, PLEG, with a possible virtual switch or Vera Alerts.

The scene should be easiest.  When it stop detecting a flood, it would send a notification.