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Title: Wayne Dalton Thermostat (WDTC-20) on Vera Dashboard
Post by: J_Wave on November 25, 2011, 10:10:28 pm
I use a WDTC-20 for my home thermostat. Overall I am happy with it. My posting concerns control of the thermostat from Vera's dashboard.

On the dashboard, there are control settings displayed for Heat or Cold, On and Off, and temperature set points. If you click and go into the settings page for the device, one can also control whether the thermostat is set to 'Normal' or 'Energy Saving' mode.

In my day to day use of the thermostat, I only use the "Normal' (for daytime temps) and 'energy savings' (for night time temps) presets. To manually change between these two settings, I have to click to go into the settings area and then select which preset I want activated. To me this is extra work and does not seem like a logical way to do things.

I believe most people have similar needs - a preset day time temp, and a preset night time temp.  Once these are established and set, the two temp settings shouldn't need to be generally changed. And, the settings for "Heat" and Cold' should rarely need to be changed (seasonal changes).

All this begs a question - why are settings that would be rarely changed placed on the front of the dashboard interface, and the preset settings ("Normal' and 'Energy Saving') which would change at least twice daily, be placed way back in the settings section of the device?

So now, onto my specific question to the programmers here. How can I have buttons for "Normal" and 'Energy Saving' presets (and the current state/setting displayed) available on the front of the Dashboard page, instead of hidden back in the settings area?

Oh, and as an aside, I am aware that the Normal and Energy Savings presets can be activated via Lua. What I would like is to have these high use presets directly accessible (and their current state viewable)  from the dashboard

Thanks for any and all help that is offered.

~ John

Title: Re: Wayne Dalton Thermostat (WDTC-20) on Vera Dashboard
Post by: kaldoon on November 26, 2011, 11:47:36 am
Have had I CA8900 Tstat since they came out. If I remember correctly the Normal and Energy Saver-Mode switch is a physical switch and not controllable through Z-Wave - the temperature set points are just not that mode. Did a quick search with the Tstat and Luup and didn't find anything.   
Title: Re: Wayne Dalton Thermostat (WDTC-20) on Vera Dashboard
Post by: J_Wave on November 26, 2011, 12:10:17 pm
Actually the 'Normal' and "Energy Saver' modes are functions that are available to be set through Vera. If one goes to the settings area of the WDC Thermostat device there are buttons there that will allow activating one of those two states.

My point was that these two states are presets useful for setting day and night time temps. It would be nice to have those buttons available directly on the front page of the Dashboard. Why put settings on the front page  of the Dashboard that are likely only going to be changed a few times a year (the "Heat' vs 'Cold' setting for example)?

It would provide better (and more logical) functionality if the settings that are going tp likely be changed throughout the day on the front page, and settings that are going to change a few times a year in the settings area of the device
Title: Re: Wayne Dalton Thermostat (WDTC-20) on Vera Dashboard
Post by: oTi@ on November 26, 2011, 12:24:38 pm
[...] 'Normal' or 'Energy Saving' mode [...]
In general, I believe that in UI4 if you click (more or less) somewhere on the device UI, it will switch between Normal and ESM.

In UI5, things may change anyway. See the video in this post (,6800.msg50104.html#msg50104); 11-ish seconds into it, there's a screen shot of the thermostat with Normal and ESM buttons right on the face of the device.

Title: Re: Wayne Dalton Thermostat (WDTC-20) on Vera Dashboard
Post by: Minnies on November 26, 2011, 11:13:44 pm
Agreed. And somewhat more important to me would be the ability to adjust the temperature set points for the energy mode. I can switch between modes but only adjust temps for normal mode. For a rental people accidentally adjust the energy mode temps to an odd setting and then I cannot adjust them back without going to the house.