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Author Topic: New plugin for reading the gas and electricity usage from a Dutch Smart meter  (Read 108516 times)

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I am using the old but still working Datamine plugin for logging and graphing, as Datayours is not (yet) compatible with Imperihome as far as I know.
I typically use the Multistring plugin for displaying custom information in Imperihome. Probably I am going to calculate the cumulative day values in a scene that runs e.g. every 5 minutes, store the results in new variables that I will store under the smart meter device itself, and use Multistring to display them in Imperihome. Unless it is very easy to create additional child devices in the smart meter plugin? No idea how to do that, but it would be nice since this wouldn't require Multistring.
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Yes I agree but I wouldn't know how to build that :)

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I have the plugin working, but the gas value was displayed as 0.  So I attached my laptop with a terminal program to the energy meter and logged a few events. Then I looked into the code of I_dutchSmartMeter.xml and concluded that this will not work for my meter. So I changed the implementation and now it is working OK. What I did was parsing the line:
Before I publish my code, can someone who also has zero values for gas usage, log a few events from the meter and send them to me with the brand of the meter.
My gas meter is  a Itron G4 RF1


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BTW; I am working on a completely different version to read the Dutch Smart meters that allows you to choose the meters to show . High and low separate or combined if you have a single tariff, optionally show meters for energy generation (T1-,T2-) separate or combined, have a separate gas meter, and a separate whole house power meter (only when you have multi tariff or energy generation). All child devices will be standard Power Meters, except the gas one as there is no standard for that, and the processing is completely different. I hope to publish in a week or two as I do not have too much time at the moment.
Any news on your new version Rene? I have just ordered a P1 USB cable and plan to install it on my Vera Lite this weekend...
Just that time is too short at the moment. Cannot give an ETA, so you may just as well go with this current version.

Cheers Rene
Hi, I finally have the first release of a new way of reading the Slimmemeter. Getting the whole house value to show a reasonable value when keeping solar power generation in account is proofing quite a headache, but I think I got it working (after starting over about five times). If you are interested you can find it here http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,32081.msg232970.html#msg232970. If you have the version from this tread working, read the user guide first to make sure you need any of the new functions. Else there isn't any reason for trying the new one out.

Cheers Rene
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