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Author Topic: Setting Fibaro RGBW to switch on/off with a single momentary switch  (Read 1578 times)

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I have just spent about an hour trying to figure out how to setup my new Fibaro RGBW controller. I thought I'd add it here so someone else might avoid the heartache I've just been through.

(As an aside, I've just disconnected my Qubino RGBW controllers. They are really difficult to use with Vera and I wouldn't recommend them. Even with the RGB Controller add on the animations wouldn't work.)

My setup: I have an RGBW strip connected to a Fibaro RGBW controller. I wanted to have a single momentary switch to turn the LED on and off (as a backup to my controller should it be unavailable). I have the switch connected to Input 1 (In1).

By default, the Fibaro is setup to use In1 to control Red, In2 to control Green, etc. So, my momentary switch was only controlling the Red channel, but all other channels would remain unchanged.

To solve this, parameter 14 needs to be changed to Brightness mode. Brightness mode links all the channels, so if one is switched off, all go off. Perfect! Just what I needed

I wasn't clear how to do this. From the manual, I thought I just set parameter 14 to '2' and the unit would be in Brightness mode. It transpires that you are configuring all 4 inputs in one parameter. Each input is 4 bits, so you have 4 x 4 bits and have to set the appropriate value in each. 16 bits in total, so there are 2 bytes dec in this parameter. Once I realised this, the manual made a lot more sense.

To configure brightness mode, you need to set a value of 2 in each channel. So in binary this looks like:

"2" expressed in binary using 4 bits is 0010:
8  4   2   1
0  0   1   0

So for my 4 channels I needed:

Since this is all one number, you now need to translate the above into a decimal value from binary.
0010001000100010 in binary is 8738 in decimal. So, you need to set Parameter 14 to 8738 and a single momentary switch will control all channels for brightness (hold), and switch all channels on/off (single press).

Note - I am using a MOMENTARY switch. If you are using toggles, you will need to change the values from 2 to

How to achieve this in Vera UI7.
Open Device
Go to Device Options, then Add Configuration Settings
Variable 14
2 Byte Dec
Value: 8738

All done.

I hope you find this little post of use.

Best regards, Rob.
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