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Author Topic: Vera Plus and multiple Stelpro STZB402+  (Read 284 times)

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Vera Plus and multiple Stelpro STZB402+
« on: March 11, 2019, 12:07:06 am »
I originally purchased 7 Stelpro STZB402+ Zigbee Thermostats and set them up using my Vera Plus and they worked fine. Then I added 7 more this past fall to cover my additional rooms and its been nothing but trouble ever sense. Every week or so one of them will go back to the default name of Stelpro Thermostat and then go to configuring device and then eventually cant detect device. If I remove it right away and then set it up again it will work fine again. If I wait it spreads like a virus and eventually all my Thermostats and other Zigbee devices go to "cant detect device" and then I have to remove all the Zigbee devices and add each one of them again. Tech support has the logs and told me the following. 

"We?ve investigated the logs and had to report this issue to the development team as a bug for further analysis. The issue should be addressed in a future update. However, at the moment we don?t have an ETA that I could provide you on this matter.
As I possible workaround, for the time you could try to not add all 14 thermostats since you said that the issue only occurred when you added the last 6.
The other option would be to add all of them and once one of the thermostats stops communicating, remove it and add it back so that it doesn?t affect the rest."

I guess the Vera compatibility list isn't much good. How am i going to remove it  and add it back if i'm away from home? Happened to me 4 times this winter and I lost all the Thermostats and other Zigbee devices. Went home to a cold house because I could not turn the heat back on. I only purchased these models because of them being on the compatible list. I also contacted Stelpro and they told me to buy a Smartthings hub. Email from Stelpro

"Hello Michael,

Unfortunately I have to tell you that I heard that type of story before. Yes, exactly after a certain number of devices added to the hub, the hub get overload. So, a solution that I can offered you that will cure the problem is to go with another type of hub. The one from Samsung, the SmartThings hub is available on line on Amazon.

The SmartThings hub doesn't have any issue with numbers of device connected to it. The hub is compatible with both type of signals (Zwave and Zigbee).

Best regards,"

I cant believe I spent almost 1400.00 on these 14 thermostats and support has no idea when the problem will be fixed!!