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Author Topic: Jointspace Integration (Philips WebTv)  (Read 2531 times)

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Jointspace Integration (Philips WebTv)
« on: January 12, 2013, 11:56:19 am »
Hi There!

Does anyone knows or allready tried to make the integration?

My purpose is quite simple: TurnOn/Off Tv.

Any Ideas?

Unfortunatly my TV is 2010 model (no json call....)

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Re: Jointspace Integration (Philips WebTv)
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2013, 06:15:02 am »
I am trying the same myself. Unfortunately my programing skills is most copy/paste. There is dokumentation of jointspace at your-tv-ip:1925 and at http://jointspace.sourceforge.net/

Unfortunately it does not seems possible to turn the tv on. When the tv is off there is no network or wake on lan.

I am trying to have a z-wave remote change source on my tv and receivers and wake on lan my pc. And of course it would be great if the tv could also be tuned on/off. One work around for the missing on/off feature off the tv is to enable quickstart/faststart but then the tv does not really turned off, only the diskplay goes blank. I'll try and check the power consumption in this mode later today or tomorrow.

Any one had any luck geting control of there philips tv's in vera?

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Jointspace Integration (Philips WebTv)
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2013, 01:58:52 am »
I'm trying to get play and pause on the remote to run a scene, any ideas?? If you want to switch your tv on and off, I have zwave plug switch, if you switch it off when the tv is on... When you switch it back on it remembers it was on and switches on.

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