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Author Topic: ceiling fan on one switched line / device offline  (Read 815 times)

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ceiling fan on one switched line / device offline
« on: June 03, 2013, 02:19:20 am »
i have a tricky one.

a ceiling fan (this turkish style things) in the living room ... it has 2 ropes to ajust lights and fan speed.

the fan speed is always the same and its directly connected to the switch in the wall.
the lamps connected to the same switch but used to be contreolled via the pull switch on the fan itself.

the idea (to stop peopels keep pulling) is to use a dimmer or a switch module to turn on the light if the fan itself turned on via the switch but only if its night and the xbmc not runing ...
well thats easy to accomplish on the vera side, but what about the hardware.
its not easy possible to pull wires (the whole ceiling is 1 piece gipsum .. no way to change anything there without a major job to generate)

i had the idea to use a fibaro dimmer for the job. close to the fan itself,
but the dimmer will be offline if the fan is turned off via the switch. is that a problem for the vera ?

another thing is that i need to know on the vera when the fan is turned on, so i had the idea of using the secound input on the dimmer for this pourpose.
(not use the dimmer switch inout at all) this would also cover any delay on registering at the vera.
the the dimmer reports switch 2 is ON ... triggers a scene and if need turn on the light ?

does this makes any sense ?
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