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Author Topic: RFXtrx plugin version beta 3 released  (Read 72689 times)

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Re: RFXtrx plugin version beta 3 released
« Reply #180 on: November 24, 2018, 03:58:08 pm »
Got a rfxcom too, took some time to get it installed, but with the auto install device feature, I got one of my KAKU plugs working.

So ... up to my Somfy roller shutter, the reason I got the rfxcom. I also see the same issue described by Digi. Tried several times to add a device,
but nothing happens.

Please help!

When I now push the buttons on the white Somfy remote control, no leds are blinking on the rfxcom.


Please help me this is making me go bald I am try to add the rfx controller to the vera I managed to get it on there but when I try to add the somfy to it I get the same as the post below from siobhanB the rfx controller is saying version beta 3 on the device page
Category: RFY
Device Type: Window Covering
Device Name: Somfy blind
Id: 1
Unit Code: 1

I then click "create" and it comes up with a message in green "Vera will reload to validate changes..."

But it then just hangs - nothing happens.

Any advice on what I need to do please? Any guidance is appreciated.
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