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Author Topic: DLNA and uPNP  (Read 1243 times)

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« on: May 09, 2015, 11:22:53 am »
Ok, I'm a noob to this so don't shoot me down.

Hardware: Vera 3 with UI 7, firmware 1.7.569

Problem: Trying to add Jongo S3 render device via DLNA and uPNP

Plugins: DLNA plugin and Universal PNP plugin

Condition: No upnp devices will discover via discovery or upnp device add (upnp not working)

Workaround: Add device manually by specifying DMR URL

This was fine but the damn URL had a manual port specified after the address (proceeding":" then a random port number so which caused device to go offline.

Temp fix was to telnet in and run command: route add -net netmask dev br-lan

Yay now the discovery works, seems all upnp traffic was being dumped or worse router to wan, only problem was every time I rebooted it had to be done all over again.  Not being a Linux guy this was now a learning exercise.

Fix:  found the Holy Grail for windows UI guys :-) Openwrt!!!! Factory installed!

Went to:

Navigate to the System then startup tab, go all the way to the bottom and drop the route add command.

Quick reboot and I now have functioning DLNA and upnp!

Took me hours so sharing in hope this helps someone else, i am not saying this is right or even repeatable but its working as desired now and i can see all devices on the wifi when i click discover.

Last tip, username is root and password is under the device on a label which is the same as default wifi password
, good luck and hope this helps other noobs :-)