Author Topic: New problem - intermittent lights flicker on the lsm-15 Evolve switch  (Read 3165 times)

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Any news on this issue with Evolve light  switch?

I brought my switches around 2012-2013 and since it was more than one year, Evolve didnt want to replace them in the late 2015. I have since remove almost 3/4 of the light switch since the flicker is too much annoying.

Out of the 22 Evolve devices I brought, only the 4 dimmers and 2 LSM-15 are still Working fine... All the 16 other devices are good for garbage...

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No resolution. I exchanged emails with their VP of Operations for a bit back in Jan and then never completed the thread after they were supposedly asking their OEM.  I would send them an email and force the issue. Having a 80% failure rate is ridiculous (but not surprising based on my experience) .  PM me and I will send you the VP of Ops  email address.

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