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Author Topic: New firmware available (1.1.329 and 1.0.996) -- final UI3 and UI2 releases  (Read 13241 times)

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We have released an update to the new, Adobe flash-based user interface, called UI3.   This fixes several lingering issues with UI3, and includes a new list view in addition to the floorplan view.  There have also been a few fixes to the firmware which are not related to the user interface.  So, we are providing 2 versions of this upgrade: 1.1.319 has the new flash-based UI3, and 1.0.994 has the familiar html web interface Vera has had for over 1 year and which is shown in the wiki pages.  You can upgrade to either version, and both have the same back-end engine; the differences are purely cosmetic.

These will likely be the final releases with the UI2 and UI3 web interfaces.  We're working on a new user interface, code named UI4, which does not require Adobe Flash, like UI3, and which is a big improvement over both UI2 and UI3.  We expect to release it in approximately 6 weeks.  At that time UI2 and UI3 will both be discontinued since UI4 combines the best of both and there will be no reason for a user to stick with either UI2 or UI3.

A special 'thanks' to the new team of 30 or so volunteers from the Vera community who are now part of our official beta test program and who tested this new firmware release before we made it available to the public.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have the newer UI3 and downgrade to the firmware for the older UI2, you will lose your rooms, scenes and device names and you will need to unpair and re-add any ZWave door locks you already have.  Upgrading from UI2 to UI3 is automatic and your settings can be preserved, it is only downgrading from UI3 to UI2 that requires a factory reset.  Therefore, if you are currently using UI2 and want to try out UI3, you should make a backup first by choosing Setup, Advanced, Backup.  Then, if you want to go back to UI2, you can change to the UI2 firmware again with factory default settings, then restore your UI2 backup, and you will be back exactly where you started.

To manually change your firmware, choose Setup, Advanced, Download in UI2, or click the Advanced icon in the toolbar in UI3 and the firmware tab.  Then copy one of the URL's below into the 'download' or 'URL' box, and click 'Download'.  After a minute or so, depending on your internet speed, you will be asked if you want to do a factory restore or preserve your settings.  Remember, if you had UI3 and are going to UI2, you *must* choose the factory default option.  The upgrade will then take about 5 minutes.

A list of changes with this release are here: http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Release_Notes

The links to the new firmware are here:
UI2 url: http://download.mios.com/betafirmware/wl500gP_Luup_ui2-1.0.996-1.trx
UI3 url: http://download.mios.com/betafirmware/wl500gP_Luup_ui3-1.1.329-1.trx

(Note: This post was originally made with links to 994/319 firmware, but the SQ Remote iPhone app needed a last minute change so we re-posted these updated versions)
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