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Author Topic: ALTUI: Workflows Issues  (Read 33116 times)

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Re: ALTUI: Workflows Issues
« Reply #165 on: September 10, 2016, 01:20:15 pm »
Not sure if I have a similar question to pls90. My workflow stops at Day Set 16c and does not return to Idle at 10.30pm. If I reset after 10.30pm it flows correctly to Night Set 14c. The 10.30pm transition is a day of week schedule set everyday. I have copied a log if that's any use?
last line before the crash seems to be
Code: [Select]
50 09/08/16 22:30:00.105 luup_log:61: ALTUI: Wkflow - Workflow:'0-1' triggerTransition(cab86b58-89c6-443f-808b-ee01519a5baa) <0x2b9bc680>
so some suggestions:
- open workflow 0-1 and check if there is a transition with ID cab86b58-89c6-443f-808b-ee01519a5baa
- this seems to be a scheduled transition, can you confirm ? can you check what is scene 27 and what it contains
- you can try to
a)delete this transtion
b) verify there is no more scene for workflow 0-1 in your scene list
c)recreate it

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Re: ALTUI: Workflows Issues
« Reply #166 on: September 11, 2016, 08:54:14 am »
Scene 27 related to the troublesome transition. As suggested, I deleted said transition which removed the scene and created a new one. Seems to work now - thank you! For anyone else feeling their way through Vera this is what a crash looks like in the log ... one looks to the line above this to find out what it was trying to do before the event.

2016-09-08 22:30:00 - LuaUPnP Terminated with Exit Code: 245

2016-09-08 22:30:00 - LuaUPnP crash

01 2016-9-8 22:30:0 caught signal 11 <0x2b9bc680>
    1 root      1684 S    init
    2 root         0 SW   [kthreadd]
    3 root         0 SW   [ksoftirqd/0]
    5 root         0 SW   [kworker/u:0]