Author Topic: Plus sign "+" problem - Possible bug in latest FW release (1.7.830/1.7.2043)  (Read 1382 times)

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I wanted to notify about one bug in new vera FW release (1.7.830/1.7.2043).
Saving scene with additional luup code which is containing plus ("+") sign doesn't work correctly.
You can find it in scenes configuration, in "Also, execute the following Luup code:".

It appeared after last update of my Vera lite to 1.7.830.
Existing scenes are not affected. It happens only when I update or create new scene.

I have done similar test on Vera Edge before updating to 1.7.2043 and after.
Before I was able to save dummy luup code:
Code: [Select]
--test 123+456
  local test = 1 + 1
After firmware update when I save such luup code, it is visible as:
Code: [Select]
--test 123 456
local test = 1   1
(plus sign not saved)

I advise not to change existing scenes containing "+" sign till problem is resolved in next update.

To be sure if is is also not working in your Vera you can create test scene as I described above.

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Yes, this is a serious error with the latest firmware update.  I think it's something to do with not handling URL escapes correctly in the code that's sent between the browser UI code and Vera.  This is screwing things up for a lot of people.
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Just to let you know: this problem is fixed in latest beta version:
In my case (veraLite) it is 1.7.851,

I know it is not advised to install beta on production environment.
If the problem is big enough so you to accept the risk of beta - you can install the it like I did.
Otherwise you can install for next 'stable'...if we can call it like that  ;).
I would rather say 'veraStable' :)