Author Topic: Vera plus UI7 ask for credentials (not accepting)  (Read 1846 times)

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Re: Vera plus UI7 ask for credentials (not accepting)
« Reply #15 on: December 10, 2016, 08:16:09 pm »
Thanks for clearing out what Blue Iris is, but to clearify - i am not interested of running a computer, i wan't direct connection to Vera.

I have sent an email to wanscamroyan as well, but have not recieved any answer yet.

i have also upgraded the fw in my Vera plus controller to the latest beta, which should support more 3rd party cameras, but i can't see any difference in the "Add camera page"

I am thinking of getting an outdoor dome camera - is HIKvision supported?

Depends on what you considered supported. Vera is not a DVR nor does it do much with the cameras. You can stream the cameras in a better resolution if you go direct from mobile device to camera vs threw vera. Using a PIR in the camera (if your modle has it) or having the camera trigger VERA for motion directly isn't supported. Recording to a vera isn't supported altho there is some inscure vera cloud storage options.

It's probley easier to tell us what you want to do with the camera in vera and we can tell you if that's possible. But most people use some type of external DVR since vera can't do much.

As an example, I use VeraMate and on my main page on my iPhone, it has a 4 camera composite of stills updated about every 3 seconds.  Gives me a snapshot of what is happening, like if the garage man door is open, I can glance to see my wife came home but he iPhone had not yet changed from Away to Home mode.  If I want to see a little better screen shot, I can open the room and the camera to see a larger version of those stills. If I want to view the stream, I have a different app for that.
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Re: Vera plus UI7 ask for credentials (not accepting)
« Reply #16 on: March 17, 2017, 05:49:24 pm »
Sorry for the late reply. I solved this by adding the username/password in the URL. So for my camera in with user "login" and pw "password" I get http://login:password@ and put that in the camera URL. I left username and password fields empty. Worked for me with a Dlink 4701E