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Author Topic: Integration back with LinuxMCE?  (Read 5080 times)

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Integration back with LinuxMCE?
« on: October 23, 2008, 11:30:58 pm »
I realize that your core DCE router engine is based upon the same code that LinuxMCE's router engine is.  However, the original Pluto@Home design didn't really allow for more than one CORE running.

I'm wondering how to integrate the Vera with my current LinuxMCE setup.  Wishlist is to have Vera be the CORE DCE router, but don't know how LinuxMCE will work with that.  I also realize that there seems to have been some friction between yourselves and some of the group of people trying to get the next version of LinuxMCE out the door.  I assume that you worked closely with Pluto@Home when doing your customizations, but not so closely with the LinuxMCE devs.

But it would be really nice to be able to integrate Vera and LinuxMCE/Pluto@Home.


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Re: Integration back with LinuxMCE?
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2008, 01:19:10 am »
The DCERouter actually has the hooks and framework in place to have multiple routers.  The idea is to be able to have several homes, each with their own Router, working as a whole.  You can't really use Vera as your LinuxMCE's right now because, atm, LinuxMCE requires lots of plugins which use the mysql database (like media plugin), and the plugins can only run on the same machine as the router.  they're loaded in the same memory space.

So it won't work with LinuxMCE right now.  However, I do think there's a not-so-difficult roadmap for pulling the plugins out and putting them on a separate PC.  That way you could leave a light-weight box like Vera running 24/7 to handle lights and automation, and power up the media stations only when needed, and not have a pc running all the time.  but it will require a bit of effort.  Regarding the 'friction', it was really a simple misunderstanding about some commits from one svn server that got erroneously committed to another.  It's been cleared up, and we're all ok now.