Author Topic: why does Nest 3rd gen thermostat app require re-authorization  (Read 835 times)

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why does Nest 3rd gen thermostat app require re-authorization
« on: January 30, 2017, 10:24:47 am »
my experience has been with Honeywell and Ecobee thermostat,  I authorized it once  then I didn't need to intervene again.   My Nest 3rd gen thermostat, after I authorize it and get the token, seems to expire roughly 1 week from the time I authorize it.   shouldn't the token Vera receives be good indefinitely? 

I've read somewhere there is a shortage of tokens from Nest, so I know getting my Nest re-authorized sometimes is a pain, I've experienced it too.  I just thought I needed to authorize it once.

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Re: why does Nest 3rd gen thermostat app require re-authorization
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2017, 11:21:51 am »
I was hoping this post would get more traction.  but here's more detail I've been able to put together.

Occasionaly the nest server is having connectivity issue, I think it is a problem on their side, it seems to be happening everyday between 1pm-2pm Central time.  When I loose connectivity with the nest server  the WWN plugin display this message

"Vera Connect WWN Plugin : Could not connect with Nest Servers! Please reload your engine in order to try again!"

during this time if the Luup engine is reloaded, i believe the plugin "VeraConnect WWN Deauthorization Service"  is deauthorizing automatically at a time network connectivity to the Nest Servers is down.  I did this manually one time and saw it first hand, settings->z-wave settings->advanced->Reload Engine.  This removes the AUTHORIZATION_CODE and TOKEN values, then my Vera lite give me this message

"Vera Connect WWN: Please go to 'Authorize' tab and authorize VeraConnect!"

In addition my Vera lite seems to be reloading the engine several times a day that I've noticed, also the engine is reloaded when my network router reboots once a day.  So my odds of having my Nest deauthorized is getting higher.

The only thing about deauthorizing process is I don't think the token is completely released from the Nest servers. 
if you use the iphone Nest app, then click the following menu options
        three bar menu->Account->Works with Nest->Connections   

you'll see MiOS under connections.

this is related to the AUTHORICATION_CODE/TOKEN in WWN.   I had upto 5 at one point.   I removed them manually
yes I've lost my token more than 5 times now.

So if we are going to have an automated deauthorize process, why don't we have an automated process to replace the token (reauthorize)?

If The deauthorize process is occurring during the time when network connectivity with the Nest servers is unavailable,
isn't that why I'm seeing these left over MIOS connection with the Nest account.  Shouldn't the deauthorize process occur as last resort, after  the nest server is reachable again and after testing the existing token if its rejected by Nest?

This behavior I'm describing is occuring even with Vera connect Works With ( version 0.68)

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Re: why does Nest 3rd gen thermostat app require re-authorization
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2017, 10:35:47 pm »
Interesting... I have had the same problem a few times at about the same time and contacted nest about it because I am convinced it is something going on on their servers. I reported it in another thread in the plugin section. I still have a ticket open with nest...
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