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Improved ""
« on: February 07, 2017, 01:53:03 pm »
I tried using http://<veraip>/cgi-bin/cmh/ and found several issues:

* the output is not correctly HTML encoded
* no way to grep
* the output is forced to be on a black background

Checking the source, it basically uses a cut down version of ansi2html that doesn't seem to do any HTML encoding except trying to colour code stuff, so anything that looks like a <tag> gets lost. And the colour coding anyway sucks.

So I modified it to create (attached) which seems to work properly when put into the same folder (/www/cgi-bin/cmh)

* output is now text/plain - no need to bother with HTML encoding
* supports a grep pattern in the Grep parameter - e.g. for checking LUA output:


MCV - if anyone reads this, maybe replace your with one like this that is a bit more useful and reliable?